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MBA 6301- Human Dignity–Centered Business Ethics

Aug 21, 2023


    Locate an article that discusses the topic of business ethics. Topic ideas might include the role of ethics in the workplace, breach of ethics, the effect of internal and external forces on ethical compliance, global ethical considerations within a business, or ethics and employees.

    Note these are ideas; please expand within the parameters of ethical topics as they relate to business ethics.

    Respond to the following questions:

    1. Summarize the article and align it with the author’s main point.
    2. How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about business ethics?
    3. How can you apply the information in this article to your field?
    4. How did this article fit your ethical view?

    Human Dignity–Centered Business Ethics

    1. The article is based on the ethical as well as practical framework of effective managerial practices and the author believes that the firm can be benefited from CSD/T to build ethical management. However, some business leader does not accept this religious ethical principle for building ethical management.

    According to the author “Human dignity” is a theory that features the importance of natural law and CSD/T. The HDC framework helps the manager in understanding how principles and virtuous factors affect leadership challenges. The principle shows the path of doing the right thing to do and virtues represent the moral values of a person that requires to perform the right thing. What is due to them?  Applying these principles to management will help maintain a good corporate culture, and it will also help in reducing conflict. Maintaining ethical values at the workplace will help in increasing trust, profit, and sustainability within the organization.

    2. The set of contemporary standards and activities along with the values which govern the activities and behavior of other individuals in a business organization comprises the foundation of the business ethics. This is relevant to all the employees of the organization and the organization itself. The contemporary ethical issues in business can be summed up as discrimination at the place of work or harassment, ethical practices in the accounting of the firm, privacy practices and technology norms, safety and health norms at the office, and similar like these (Mea et al.2019 p.60).

    The research paper contributed to providing an ethical framework for effective and efficient management practices. Also, it presents cases where it proves that the CSD/T has benefitted the firms by building an ethos of managing the humans in the organization successfully. It provided numerous cases and examples under which it showed how the HDC framework has helped in managing the ethos of humanitarian management at the organization and has led to excellence in the works of the management.

    3. The given article discusses the human dignity-centered framework which is derived from the natural law and the CSD/T. It explains the theory with the help of a figure where there are four sections which include the inputs or the challenges faced by the leaders in shaping their organization, the ethical prism which includes the important elements to be considered from principles and virtues, and finally, the outcomes which signify the results from the principles so applied to the challenges (Mea et al.2019 p.57)

    The above framework is very useful in the management of business practices. For any business or company to be successful, it is very important to manage its tasks and employees efficiently and tactfully. This framework guides every individual in meeting that. It prepares the managers to plan the corporate strategy and frame its organizational structure. It also prepares the managers in learning organizational renewal to understand what should be done in case of an ethical lapse in an organization. The ethical prism discusses the inner ring and outer ring where different personifications of human dignity are considered. The practical application of ethical prisms to the challenges in daily business ethical considerations leads to trust, sustainability, and the aim of any organization, profit.

    4. The given article completely fits my ethical view of human dignity in business considerations. It analyses the principles on which the organizational framework is based and the human traits which can be helpful as well as disastrous when used either way. The article also provided learning theories that are very informative and contribute to achieving an ethical structure in the organization. This fits my ethical view as it clarifies the role of leaders in influencing the behaviors of their subordinates in any organization (Pirson, 2019 p.45). The leaders should be completely informed about ethical practices and should try to implement the teaching of the same to their employees in the organization.


    Mea, W. J., & Sims, R. R. (2019). Human dignity-centered business ethics: A conceptual framework for business leaders. Journal of Business Ethics160(1), 53-69.

    Person, M. (2019). A humanistic perspective for management theory: Protecting dignity and promoting well-being. Journal of Business Ethics159(1), 39-57.

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