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MBA 6000- Week 7 Discussion: Reflection of the Concepts or Theories

Aug 29, 2023

Week 7 Discussion

Choose 2 concepts or theories that you have learned over the past 7 weeks that you found you could apply to your own daily work life. Explain how you applied these concepts and how they have helped you in your organization. Please provide examples to support your statements.

Week 7 Discussion: Reflection of the Concepts or Theories

I’ve learned various things throughout the previous seven weeks that have helped me in my regular professional life. Working on creating trust and becoming a servant leader are two that I have used.

I followed the six rules outlined in the literature to work on creating trust: communication, support, respect, fairness, predictability, and competence. I’ve worked hard to keep my workers up to date on business regulations and corporate decisions. I’ve also made an effort to be available to my workers for assistance or guidance when required or asked. When it comes to accomplishing their jobs, I’ve also given my employees a lot of decision-making power (Turaga, 2019, p.65). Each employee has the option of determining the optimal method for completing their tasks. In addition, I have made every effort to be objective in recognizing and rewarding outstanding work as well as identifying any areas for improvement. I’ve also concentrated on being consistent and keeping my promises. Finally, while exhibiting my knowledge and talents, I sought to preserve a strong feeling of professionalism. I’ve observed more excitement for their tasks and higher productivity as a result of my efforts to create trust with my employees. My employees have been more willing to approach me with queries or concerns, as well as provide recommendations for improvement.

Becoming a servant leader is another concept I’ve been working on. One of my work mentors qualifies as a servant leader since she demonstrates all of the criteria. I frequently look to her as an example since I believe she has a positive working connection with her team. While I haven’t mastered all of the attributes of a servant leader, I have been able to put a couple into practice that have improved my work life. First and foremost, I’ve worked hard to improve my listening skills so that I can better understand my employees’ needs and desires. Second, I’ve concentrated on preserving empathy, even while dealing with bad performance. When my employees make errors or perform poorly, I presume they are meant to do the right thing and use an instructional approach to correct them. Third, I’ve worked hard to become aware of my talents, shortcomings, and limits to maximize my potential. Finally, I’ve tried to improve my ability to persuade my teammates and employees. Rather than utilizing my positional power, I strive to persuade people to see my point of view or comprehend why one method of doing things is better than another (Eliot, 2020, p.405). Using simply three servant leadership principles with my team has improved teamwork within my department and resulted in higher production.

Both of the above-mentioned concepts have positively impacted me at work. My team appears to be happier, more productive, and more cohesive. Managers from other departments have also commented on the changes they’ve seen in my department. At work, I’ve been happier and more fulfilled and inspired to strengthen my leadership abilities even more.‎


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