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MBA 600- Week 5 Assignment: Learning Organization Survey

Aug 11, 2023

Assignment Expectations

To complete this activity, students should use the score sheet summary to reflect on the organization examined in the Learning Organization Survey. Students, provide a copy of the summary score sheet and a brief answer to these presented questions: Please be sure to include the name and description of the organization you referred to when answering the survey.

1. Which of the three “building blocks” is a strong suit for the organization?

2. Which “building block” area requires a more intentional commitment to improve?

3. How can leadership affect the organization and its culture?

4. Include suggestions for improved employee training, improved culture/reputation, and opportunities for future managers to transform the organization through leadership.

The submission does not need to be an APA paper. Instead, students should submit their capture of the completed survey of results as the first item. Then answer the assignment questions. The paper should be formatted with a question first and answer below.

Week 5 Assignment: Learning Organization Survey

The three building blocks which are a strong suit for Amazon are the process, people, and system. Amazon is a multinational e-commerce profit organization that sells products from the seller to customers. The building block is explained below-

Designing a planning process– The main building block of Amazon is designing the planning process of the organization (de Araujo et al. 2021, p.47). It deals with the planning of the organizational structure so that all the work can be performed smoothly. 

Employing the right people– The important part of Amazon is that it employs the right people in the organization. Employing the right people is important in the organization so that the people who know their work can work properly.

Choosing an appropriate planning system– The planning system of Amazon is important for the organization. The planning system helps to complete the work properly and on time. 

The building block area which requires a more intentional commitment is the planning system of Amazon. It is often seen that the company lacks a planning system and it is the reason that sometimes the delivery of the product takes time. Due to the lack of planning Amazon did not able to complete the delivery of the goods in time and sometimes the wrong product gets delivered to the customer. So, as per that, it can be said that Amazon needs to be more focused on the planning system of the company so that the work can be performed smoothly and effectively. If the planning of the organization is done properly then the company growth can take place without any problem and the proper planning helps to deal with the worst situation properly.

Leadership influences the company culture heavily. Good leadership helps in the growth of the organization as well as helps in creating opportunities and setting a goal for others. Some of the effects of the leadership are stated below-

Motivate others– With the help of good leadership in the Amazon, it helps to motivate others. The quality of good leaders is to motivate others and help them to work properly and effectively. Good leadership helps to create a good culture where everyone helps each other in difficult situations. 

Growth in the organization– If the leadership is good then it helps in the growth of the employees as well as the organization. In good leadership, the people motivate help each other in their growth and push others to work apart from their comfort zone so that they can learn more. 

Help to create recognition– Due to the good leadership in Amazon, the company got its recognition worldwide (Bormane & Batraga, 2018, p.339). With good leadership in the organization, the company will get a reputation in the market and the people will come to know about the company and try to work in the company or be a part of the company. 

Proper completion of work– With good leadership in the organization all the work is done under it and so all the work gets completed in time. The company will give priority to the deadlines and the quality of the product which helps to create a good image in the organization. 

Some of the suggestions for improved employee training, improved culture/reputation, and opportunities for future managers to transform the organization through leadership are stated below-

Firstly to improve employee training in Amazon is to motivate others and offer then cross-department training. The cross-department training helps to understand each department and their work and the employees will get to know about all the things of the organization. 

Secondly to improve the reputation of the company Amazon needs to focus on the quality of its product and good customer service (Chahar, Hatwal & Sen, 2019, p.10). If these two are to be focused then a good reputation can be built for the company. 

Thirdly to improve the opportunity, Amazon needs to plan and prioritized everything. If all the things are planned properly and are being prioritized the opportunity for the organization can be created. 


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