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ITT 430- Topic 2 Discussion 2: Defense Information Systems Administration

Aug 26, 2023

Could you please provide some information on the role of the Defense Information Systems Administration (DISA) in the Department of Defense (DoD)?

Topic 2 Discussion 2: Defense Information Systems Administration

The Defense Information Systems Administration (DISA) is an organization that supplies IT and communications help to both the authority of the government and the defense institution of a country. The DISA is a part of the Department of Defense (DoD).

The DISA has produced and kept a set of security instructions for any computer systems or networks associated with the DoD. These instructions are called the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) and are the chief security levels utilized by many DoD organizations. In inclusion to explaining security instruction, the STIG also specifies how security teaching should advance and when security safeguard measures should occur. Institutions must be adaptable to these instructions or they could have the danger of having access to the DoD termination (Muller and S.R, 2020)

The differences between DISA categories are as follows

  • Category I:- Flaws that enable a hacker to have immediate access to a device, enable an effective remote approach, or detour a firewall.
  • Category Vulnerabilities that supply data with a huge possibility to give access to a hacker.
  • Category III:-Security weaknesses that supply specific data that could gradually guide to defeat (Moldabayev et al. 2019)


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