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ITT 430- Topic 2 Discussion 1: Vulnerability Scan

Aug 26, 2023

Topic2DQ 1

After conducting a vulnerability scan, an organization can identify and remediate configuration failures in its infrastructure. Once hardened, secured, patched, and in compliance, why is it important to continue conducting vulnerability scans periodically? Explain what could have changed from previous scans.

Topic 2 Discussion 1: Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan determines and categorizes system flaws in computers, networks, and equipment of communications and analyzes the success of countermeasures. This can is generally executed by any company’s IT sector.

Vulnerability scanning is a primitive element for all quality cyber security procedures, but it is sometimes complex and challenging to make the job right (, 2022). For each gadget, it recognizes, it tries to recognize the operating system as well as the software or programs installed on it.

It is used for cybersecurity practices. Vulnerability scanning is a crucial operation for cybersecurity experts. These experts exert vulnerability scanning tools to recognize the flaws in the system and attempt to abolish the located insufficiencies because the system security will be convinced then. The scanning results of the vulnerability tools can be also used to estimate the final threat level through the vulnerabilities.

So, I can conclude that vulnerability scans periodically are really important in order in the data security of the organization. One vulnerable scan can find out the security issues in a scan but that doesn’t mean that the same threat will continuously occur shortly. Spammers can improvise their hacking code to harm the organization. So, I think this scan is needed a minimum of four times a year. So, conducting a vulnerability scan to validate and correct security configurations is important and difficult as well.

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