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ITT 430- Topic 1 Discussion 1: Security Solutions of an Organization

Aug 24, 2023

Topic 1DQ 1

Review the 12 categories of threats represented in the textbook. Compromises of intellectual property are perhaps the most damaging to an organization. Of the remaining threats, choose two and describe security solutions that could prevent, deter, or manage the threat while protecting the intellectual property of an organization. How would you prioritize these solutions?

Topic 1 Discussion 1: Security Solutions of an Organization

After going through all the categories, I can conclude that every type of threat is equally menacing. In my opinion, before all of them, the threats of Software Attacks, and Sabotage are more dangerous. Although the damage is caused by Software Attacks and Sabotage, there are some measures to prevent this damage.

Software attacks or threats as we all know are spiteful codes or applications that damage our system sneak into our crucial information and steal the information as well (, 2022). It can come through emails, through any specific software like the MS-Word or even they can damage the boot sector of the computer. However, these days there are a lot of ways to protect the systems from software attacks or cyber-attacks. Installing antivirus software like Kaspersky and Quick Heal or using a VPN while working can be considered the best solution to prevent the system from software attacks in my opinion. It will not only maintain intellectual property but will also maintain data privacy for future use.

Sabotage or Cyber Sabotage refers to the attempt to disrupt a company’s data or destroy its public image, etc. It is generally done by hackers of a certain organization to make sure of the loss of their rival organization. This way they win the race in the market. In my opinion, it is also very dangerous as within minutes a company’s reputation can be in vain. All its productivity towards its customers over the years can come down to zero. Companies can reduce these issues by backing up the data of their websites regularly, monitoring their websites regularly, and reducing the use of exploitable software (Whitman et al. 2013). This way their intellectual property and data privacy will be maintained.

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