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ITT 425- Topic 3 DQ 1: EPS Measurements

Sep 8, 2023

Topic3DQ 1

Explain the process of collecting network data using events per second (EPS) measurements.

Topic 3 DQ 1: EPS Measurements

EPS, also known as Event per second, is a helpful term mainly used to define an actual number of events or processes that take place on any IT appliance. It can be a great tool to measure or record the network data and perform solid statistical analysis. It is used to calculate the number of logs generated by any device per second. The steps for measuring the EPS generated from various network devices are as follows.

  • Collect or gather logs for one or more in a 24-hour period
  • Count or identify the number of lines in the log file
  • Division of several lines in the log file by a number of the 24-hour period contained by the file.
  • Dividing the resultant number by 86,400

The number that will be obtained is measured EPS for the given network device. The number of lines in a large file can be calculated using Linux/Unix Command. There is one command known as grep, which can also be used to measure or count the number of lines in a file (, 2022).

Reference, (2022), Determining Your Events per Second, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 23-11-2022]

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