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ITT 415- Topic 8 Discussion 1: Information Advertising

Aug 27, 2023

Do you believe sending targeted advertising information to a computer using cookies is objectionable? Why or why not?

Topic 8 Discussion 1: Information Advertising

According to my opinion, advertising which uses internet cookies is not objectionable at all. Instead, an advertisement that uses internet cookies is the most effective way of advertising and promoting products or services which is mostly used by everyone including organizations and individuals.

While browsing the internet, we have seen various files and pop-ups in browsers that are called advertising cookies that people generally receive when they visit one website multiple times. Therefore, advertising cookies is an influential way of bringing the right audience to the business or website.

Through the advertising cookies, the websites may get the required attention and potential audiences which helps the organizations and advertisers track a user from various sites (Davies, 2017). Advertising cookies help business brands or websites build user profiles based on their preferences, tastes, research results, and habits. Hence advertisers can be able to target their set of customers based on their interests.


Davies, J. (2017). Know your cookies: A guide to internet ad trackers. Retrieved on 23rd September 2022, from:,better%20targeted%20to%20their%20interests.


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