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ITT 415- Topic 7 Discussion 2: Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Aug 25, 2023

Why is it so difficult to protect intellectual property? Do you think the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the type of legislation that should be enacted to protect intellectual property? Why or why not?

Topic 7 Discussion 2: Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Intellectual properties may be comprised of various things such as logos, business products, business identities, services, and varieties of processes that differentiate business offerings from one another. In today’s world, there is no doubt that businesses have various kinds of benefits from the Internet such as products, marketing campaigns, services, etc. because through the internet it can reach a huge audience at the best cost. However, this also increased the theft of intellectual property. Therefore it needs to be safeguarded with intellectual property rights. Moreover, to enhance creativity and innovation in human society, intellectual property rights are one the crucial aspects. Intellectual property plays a major role in the development of socio-economic nations. Whether the business is running at a small level or high, all of them have their unique sets of ideas and services on which their customers are relied upon. Hence it becomes of utmost crucial for them to protect their premises from intellectual property thefts.  However, as compared to the under-developed countries, the developing and developed countries are mostly been involved in intellectual properties (Olubiyi,  Emerole & Adetula, 2022). Still, protecting intellectual property is the biggest challenge which has been an obstacle the countries like the USA from hardening intellectual property which could contribute to the overall national development. Moreover, many other reasons make the protection of intellectual property more crucial such as ineffective enforcement, lack of research and commercialization, inadequate knowledge of intellectual property rights and culture, the country’s poor economic infrastructure, and more. 

Furthermore, now discussing my opinion that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act should be enacted to safeguard intellectual properties. It is so because DMCA majorly works toward developing an updated version of the internet copyright laws to deal with all the complexities of digital content (Tech Target, 2022). Therefore, DMCA protects other digital materials so that both copyright owners and consumers face no issues, similarly, the act should be regulated to safeguard the intellectual properties of various nations as well.


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