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ITT 415- Topic 5 Discussion 2: IT Scorecard and Dashboard

Aug 25, 2023

Compare and contrast the IT scorecard and dashboard approaches. Which, if either, would be most useful to you as a general manager? Please explain.

Topic 5 Discussion 2: IT Scorecard and Dashboard        

Both dashboards and scoreboards help business executives in running their business and organization smoothly and efficiently, however from various purposes. As far as dashboards are concerned, it is highly used as a business intelligence tool that helps organizational managers visualize their big data sets (Jackson, 2022).

If the manager needs to know how their organization is performing for a specific issue or whether the organizational trends are bringing excellency or not, then utilizing dashboards is highly recommended and also useful. Even in a manufacturing unit or industrial unit, a dashboard is highly required because it helps in monitoring the safety and possible instances of injury.

Meanwhile, an IT scoreboard is a business framework that helps in aligning the business strategy with the business objectives. If the organizational managers require various control points, require perfect organizational processes in every department, or want to revise the business strategy. In all cases, an IT scorecard is very useful (Jackson, 2022). Also, a scorecard may be useful when the organization manager needs to know what their managers are doing and up to so that he or she can be able to improve the training and employee satisfaction.

Now, if I were the general manager of some company, then I would implement the use of both scorecards and dashboards for IT operations. It is so because as mentioned earlier if the business wants to run smoothly and perfectly all the time even during certain crises, then having both will sign relief not only to me but to other employees and managerial teams.


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