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ITT 415- Topic 4 Discussion 2

Aug 26, 2023

Create an outline for a training session to help your team avoid phishing. What would you include in that training session? What are some typical signs that an e-mail might be fraudulent?

Topic 4 Discussion 2           

In today’s world, most businesses are losing millions and billions of dollars to cybersecurity threats such as phishing. Increased dangers of phishing have also resulted in growing cyber crimes. As a result, cybercriminals have become wiser and adopted new technologies for targeting organizations (Great Horn, 2020). Hence, it becomes very crucial for organizations to conduct training session which aims at providing techniques for avoiding phishing. Moreover, the training plan for avoiding phishing includes showing the employees real-life phishing scams, establishing the process of reporting phishing emails, showing the outcomes and impact of phishing scams, its stimulation process, and playing the phishing and non-phishing game which allows the employees to find out which emails are phishing and which are not.

Next, in the training session, I would include a well-detailed plan that not only concentrates on phishing but instead focuses on other cyber security threats as well. It will also include how to keep the risk of the organizational system free with suitable passwords Most businesses irrespective of their size and scale focus on email security because most businesses consider email as their primary mode of communication with their clients and customers. It means that most of the crucial information and data that businesses share and hold are being done through mail, The training program will also focus on teaching the employees how to recognize fraudulent and phishing emails, therefore they can be able to report them as soon as possible. If the organization allows a team of IT professionals to review and analyze the scam caused by phishing through firewalls and software, then organizational security and privacy will be improved and boosted.

The signs include that the email might be fraudulent or associated with the phishing scam are the unfamiliar tone and improperly used words, spelling, and many grammar errors, discrepancies between the email addresses, link attached, or domain names, unusual requests, sense or urgency or emails that warn the receiver about something negative, and more (Cassetto, 2021). 


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