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ITT 415- Topic 4 Discussion 1: Management Security Policy

Aug 23, 2023

Name three commonly used management security policy areas and describe an example policy for each area.

Topic 4 Discussion 1: management security policy

The three most commonly used management security policies include the acceptable use policy, acquisition assessment policy, and account access request policy (Hayslip, 2018). The acceptable use policy describes the use of the equipment and computing services. It is also used in measuring the appropriate security that organizational employees are required to implement to safeguard the organizational resources and the information of the proprietary.

The next management security policy includes an account access request policy that formalizes the account and accesses the request process within the organization’s premises. Moreover, the system and the user administrator that helps in bypassing the process for an account and request access may also cause legal actions against the organization.

While the last management security policy is the acquisition assessment policy which states the responsibilities and duties of the organization’s acquisitions and also states the minimum requirements which information security team of the organization must accomplish to get the acquisition assessment.


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