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ITT 415- Business Case planning for Global Enterprise

Aug 23, 2023

Target Market

  1. Describe the customer the product or service is geared towards (e.g., teenagers, parents, women, or men).

Business Strategy      

  1. Describe the short- and long-term goals of the business.
  2. Describe where the business wants to go and how it is going to get there.

Business Case Planning for Global Enterprise

Targeted market

Well Family Fitness is one such organization where an individual can get products and services for health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition. However, solely not for them, but instead for their family as a whole. The company sees everyone as equal when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the company is working towards developing a mindset amongst people that achieving a healthy lifestyle demands no age. No matter whether an individual is 20 years old or 75, he or she can still pursue to live healthily. Therefore, when it comes to the targetted market, the state-of-the-art fitness sports, equipment, and services offered by the company are made for everyone.

Whether it’s a teenager, man, woman, parent, child, or old, everyone can use it and can pursue a healthy lifestyle. As the company had built a solid foundation for more than 10 years with annual sales of $ 35 million, it had now started offering franchise opportunities in many East and West metropolitan regions (Well family fitness, 2022). Therefore, the company can be able to offer its products and services to the whole United States and starts motivating peoples to live healthy lives.

Business Strategy

In short terms goal, the company had planned to secure 6 franchise partners in the East and west coast cities over 18 months. Another goal the company has set to achieve is to partner with a family relationship expert to publish its monthly newsletter which shows the company’s values and practical means of integrating and living a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, in the long-term goals, the company had planned to boost its revenue by 7.5% and open various retail stores which are dedicated to selling fitness and sports-related products, and also sponsor a family health event without any cost to boost the enthusiasm for fitness amongst people.

As explained earlier, the Well Fitness Family has a philosophy to change the individual’s mindset that if they are too old, they cannot be able to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Therefore the company is moving with this philosophy and had a strategy to develop an app that allows the business members to access their personal fitness data and history, schedule classes with the company, and attend training sessions from their comfort zone (Well Family Fitness, 2022). Therefore, the company is moving with this mission only, and to achieve the aim, Well Family Fitness is offering various complimentary member services which include annual health and fitness screening for the whole family, fitness training with the use of proper equipment, on-premises childcare services, unlimited use of equipment and programs until it becomes invalid, family workout schedules, and many more.


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