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IT 210- Module 2 Discussion: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Sep 15, 2023

2-1 Discussion: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Read the case study, “Database Saves the State of Washington Medicaid Dollars”After reading the case study and completing additional independent research using the textbook and online resources, address the following:

Consider your degree program or your selected industry and then give an example of how knowledge management systems could be used in your selected business.

Describe the relationship between data and information in the context of your selected business.

Respond to two of your peers’ initial posts and consider the following:

Describe how the chosen knowledge management system (beyond those discussed by your peers) can improve an organization or a department within an organization.

Explain the advantages of that system. Give specific examples

Module 2 Discussion: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Q1. Knowledge management is an important concept consisting of a collection of knowledge and resources that help improve understanding, collaboration, and alignment of processes. It is an approach that plays an important role in organizing, using, and sharing a group of collective knowledge among people of the organization. According to a 2017 survey by TSIA, it is found that over 70% of the company believes that improving the Knowledge management process will result in increasing team productivity.

Fig 1: TSIA 2017 Knowledge Management Survey


I majored in Healthcare Administration and worked in the healthcare sector so I will discuss the role of Knowledge management systems in it. Now, in the healthcare sector, there is an extreme requirement of knowledge for treating each patient according to their symptoms. Healthcare providers must provide methods and solutions for any treatment, effectively done using knowledge management system tools. The knowledge management system helps healthcare sectors share symptoms to report, prescription, invoice, and treatment information while keeping patient information secure and confidential. This approach also helped all healthcare staff, like me, get knowledge or information on new research and drug trials.

The best part of a knowledge management system is the practical clinical decision support approach and electronic health record system that plays a vital role in advanced treatment. Many knowledge management models, like electronic meetings and group collaboration systems, are utilized in our sector to convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. The clinical decision-making system helps influence decisions through the healthcare process (, 2023). The practitioner also received many benefits from this model, like reduced medical malpractice. Many situations occurred in my sector also, like some staff being unresponsive at the time of meetings, and this behavior can result in significant harm to the organization. Thus, a knowledge management system should be implemented in the healthcare sector to standardize all the processes, and staff should be trained to deal with that situation. Even there is some situation when someone with expertise and knowledge leaves the organization. Still, the provider can access all the information and, as a result, reduces the potential for any mistakes.

Q2. Data only contains specific meaning once it is converted into meaningful information. Healthcare sectors deal with large amounts of data related to the patient, doctors, treatment, medicine, and many others. Now, it can be concluded that all the information is processed data that describes particular events, important details, and many others (, 2021). For example, the doctors get the data related to any patient’s symptoms, which is of use once meaningful information is extracted from it. The meaningful information can be a detailed analysis of symptoms, estimated budget for treatment, timespan, patient family history, and many others. This information will be gathered, and appropriate treatment will be decided according to the disease. Thus, information is a group of data dependent on each other.

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