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HRMT 600- Week 2 Discussion

Aug 25, 2023

Week 2 Discussion

For this discussion, answer the following questions

  1. Think of how job performance (i.e., performance criteria) was measured in either past or current jobs you have held. Describe that performance measurement in terms of deficiency, relevance, and contamination using your text and SIOP (2019), and any other sources, and how it could have been improved
  2. Explain why a test must be reliable before it can be valid
  3. The use of mobile devices (Lawrence & Kinney, 2017) and artificial intelligence (Morelli, 2019) are controversial methods currently being used to hire employees. What personal experience with these methods? What research can you find to support or criticize their use?

Week 2 Discussion

The employees of the organization are responsible for driving the success, therefore it is very crucial to recognize the strong performances and also the bad performances to improve the performance levels of the organization. Hence, no matter whether the business is small or big, evaluation and measurement of job performance should always stay at first. Through performance measurement, the business executive can make sure that their employees are pulling their weight and also can get alerts who is not working at their best levels. Performance measurement also helps in bringing employee retention and rewards programs for all the hard workers and top performers of the organization (Izraelevitz et al. 2019). With the evaluation and measurement of performance, business executives can be able to set up a benchmark for their organization and also help boost employee performance levels.

The strategies that help in measuring employee performance include setting up measurable OKRs and targets, tracking training completion, developing employee performance metrics, conducting the skill gap analysis, and many more. Moreover, the contamination performance measurement is the term used when the performance measure strategies do not reflect the real performance of the employees. On the other hand, with deficiency, the performance that is omitted by the performance measure of the employee will be displayed. Meanwhile, relevance indicates that performance measures are interrelated to the goals of the performance the organization seeks to measure.

The performance test needs to be reliable before it becomes valid because if the performance test needs to be reliable, then it is also required to be validated. For instance, if the scale is set off by 5 lbs, then if the body weight is checked up regularly, it reports the same weight every day over 5 lbs (Phelan & Wren, 2005). Here the scale is reliable because it provides the same weight regularly, however not valid because it is always 5lbs weight to the original body weight.

I agree with the statement that mobile devices and the use of Artificial intelligence are the most controversial methods for hiring employees. It is so because in the aftermath of the pandemic when the world had become digitalized and individuals are busy scrolling through various social networking sites and discovering work-from-homewere jobs, mobiles, and AI have played a crucial role in making these things easier. Mobile devices and AI has boosted the interview process therefore employees can be able to give interview via Zoom, Google Meet, and other applications. It has also made work-life easier as various software helps employees to carry out their jobs comfortably from their homes.


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