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HRMT 600- Week 1 Assignment

Aug 25, 2023

Assignment Directions:

Using the SAME article you chose for the Week 1 Discussion, write a TWO-PAGE (plus cover and reference page in APA 7th Edition format) paper addressing these topics

The reason why you chose the Article?

Summary of Article

Contribution of Article to 10 Psychology


Week 1 Assignment

Reasons for choosing the article

The reason for choosing the article titled “From Then to Now: The Development of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the United States” is because it has a clear explanation of how I-O psychology developed in the United States. It tells that a major development that led to the introduction of I-O psychology in the country was established in the year 1915 in the Division of Applied Psychologywa at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Through this article, various individuals and new psychologists got to know about who had contributed to this psychology field the most during its initial stage. This research article also focuses on industrial psychology which later turned into the realm of organizational psychology in the US. It tells that after the development and recognition of I-O psychology in the country, industrial-organizational psychology had been established as an experimental science (Bryan & Vinchur, 2012). Therefore, those researchers who had worked in the work psychology had also helped various organizations and businesses as consultants to establish accurate I-O psychology within its premises. Moreover, I got interested in including this article in the Week 1 discussion forum and assignment because very precisely, it talked about the origin of I-O psychology and its development within the country.

Summary of the article

Through this article, many individuals and new psychologists of this generation can be able to gain knowledge about industrial organizational psychology in the US. The article comprises a transparent review of the beginning of the I-O psychology in the United States to the turn of the century over World War I. The article also concentrates on the emergence of I-O psychology in the United States during the time of its establishment (Katzell & Austin, 1992). There were majorly 4 forces that helped in making I-O psychology crucial for the organization when it was just known to a few people and psychologists. Meanwhile, the 4 acting forces are the flowering of science, the influence of Darwinism, prevailing faith over capitalism, and industrialization growth. With these forces, the organizations that are capable of adopting industrial-organizational psychology in their workplaces have become successful in adopting and becoming successful in such fields. As a result, many individuals have come to know about I-O psychology or workplace psychology and researchers have started further studies on it.

Contribution of the article to  I-O psychology

When the United States was getting indulged in World War I, it turned out to be the biggest obstacle to the progress of the country. However, this has been true with psychology as well because industrial organizational psychology used World War I as a medium to get recognition in the country. In 1917, when the US had declared war on Germany, a group of work psychologists was present in the meeting as soon as heard about the war, formed the Psychology Committee of the National Research Council with the members who were the representatives of the NAS, AAAS, and APA (Katzell & Austin, 1992). Therefore, because of World War I, the psychology committee of the National Research CouncilPsychology was formed which brought a lot of improvement in personal psychology. Thus, the committee, later on, declared I-O psychology as a major subject for psychologists to study and a major field in which organizations need to work.


In conclusion, it can be said that the article is very useful for peoples and psychologists who wants to gain knowledge about this form of psychology. Although it focuses on the beginning and development in the United States, it also gives a clear and general idea about what led to the introduction of industrial-organizational psychology.   


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