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BUSN623-Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions.

Jul 28, 2023


    Course objective:
    Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions.

    Select and research ONE of the following companies that has been in the news for an ethical dilemma. Prepare a PowerPoint about this company’s ethical dilemma and resulting ethical failure, according to the following instructions. Sources are provided to assist you in getting started (click the company name link). You will need to further research the company as well as applicable ethical frameworks and related law in your text and required readings.

    CHOOSE ONE OF THESE COMPANIES/ISSUES: The Links are a factual starting point for your information and further research.

    1. Boeing. – 737 MAX-8 Jet death crashes.
    2. Purdue Pharma- the opioid crisis, deceptive marketing.

      Assignment Instructions:

      1. Create a 12– 15 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes:
        • Title slide with your name, course, date, school, and title of presentation;
        • Agenda slide – This lists the key points covered in the PPT;
        • Content slides containing bullet points information with illustrations, diagrams, pictures, graphics, etc., as appropriate to the slide’s content;
        • Speaker’s notes on each slide – either text presented in the Speaker Notes section at the bottom of the slides or Audio through your Voice speaking (or both); (Note: Speaker’s Notes are not duplicates of the text on the slides. They are explanatory narrative.)
      2. Identify the company you selected;
      • explain the company and its industry;
      • provide the factual background of the problem, and
      • clearly state the ethical dilemma presented by the situation. There should be only ONE ethical dilemma. The company had two choices: the act it chose and an alternative it did not do.
      1. Identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company employed in making its decision. Note — Not “Should have used.” It is not acceptable to say it did not act ethically or did not use a framework. Analyze it. Frameworks include utilitarianism, free-market ethics, deontology, virtue ethics, etc., covered in your course readings.
      2. Then, identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company should have used when the problem arose, and explain how to apply it for them to have reached a better result than what happened. Be clear.
      3. Identify and explain measures the company should implement to avoid this type of problem in the future.
      4. Within your discussion include whether the company had a code of ethics or policy that seemed to apply to the situation, and if so, what went wrong with that?
      5. Explain what business leadership in any company can learn from this situation.
      6. Have a conclusion that wraps up the key points.
      7. Include a Reference slide with at least seven (7) credible sources listed in APA format. (NOTE: Sources must be cited in slides and speaker’s notes for direct quotes, specific facts, and graphics, same as in a paper, per APA format. If you are doing audio speaker notes, you would mention the source in your speaking narrative.) (Reminder; we are using APA 7th Ed. format.)


      Explain the company and its industry

      Boeing. – 737 MAX-8 Jet, consists of 16 first-class seats with 54 Economy Plus seats. Thus, this consists of overhead bins that have room for all the passengers to place the bag. Therefore, each seat has a spot to charge the passenger’s phone, with a USB port, plus Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth Technology. Therefore, Boeing 737 Max is recognized as one of the influential airplanes in the aviation sector. This, is the fourth generation Boeing 737, with a narrow-body airliner manufactured by the Boing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). This is the division of the American Company of Boeing. Thus this succeeds based on the Boeing 737 Next Generation while competing with the Airbus A320 NEO family.

      Therefore, 373 Max has been suffering from a recurring failure based on the Manoeuvring Characteristic’s Augmentation System, which has caused fatal accidents. The first delivery of Max 8 was handled by Malindo Air which is the subsidiary of Lion Air that entered the services on May 2. Thus, Boeing 737 Max mainly aimed to match about 99.7% dispatch based on the reliability of the Next Generation. Therefore, Southwest Airlines, have launched the customer that took delivery of the first 737 Max based on 29th August 2017. Therefore, Boeing planned to deliver based on at least 50 to 75 aircraft by the year 2017. Therefore, by the year 10 to 15% or more than this, have delivered 737s yet to get delivered by the year. Thus, Boeing 737 MAX, a passenger airliner is based on grounded worldwide between March 2019 to December 2020 ( 2021). Thus, as per the jurisdiction, 346 people died in the two crashes, which is caused by Lion Air Flight 610, in the year 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, in the year 2019.

      The US Federal Aviation, administration resist based on the grounding level that h aircraft was based on on March 13, 20219, as it is received with evidence of accidents and severe similarities. there, by that time, 51 other regulators have already grounded the plane, with all the 387 aircraft in service grounded.

      Provide the factual background of the problem

      According to Boeing and FAA, the main problem has become first apparent during its testing of the newly manufactured 737 Max 8. Yet, this has been delivered to its owner. Therefore, it is found based on the qualities of the electrical power system on the aircraft which was not working correctly. Boeing instructs the pilot based on the corrective actions in case of malfunction, with a series of automated nosedives.  Another significant problem was Boeing have been taking up the series of systems at a low cost which lead to fatal death cases ( 2021). Thus, Boeing avoided revealing MCAS until the pilots have to request further explanation. By December 2018 FAA, which has privately predicted about the MCAS could cause 15 crashes within 30 years. FAA certification of MAX is subsequently based on the investigation of U.S Congress with multiple U.S government agencies that even includes the Transportation Department, FB, NTSB, and the Inspector General. Engineering reviewed that there was a fatal problem based on the reviews to uncover the design of the problems which is unrelated to MCAS, while the flight has computers and cockpits to display.

      Ethical dilemma presented by the situation

      One of the ethical dilemmas of this aviation sector gives a piece of close information from the senior Boeing engineer, who filed about internal ethics. However, in this complaint, this was saying about the development of the 737 Max jets based on the company which has rejected the safety system process at a minimum cost. Thus, as per the engineer’s views, which mentioned the risk reduction policies based on the contribution that caused two fatal crashes.

      Thus, Boeing have to provide the complaints which are reviewed by the New York Times, under the Department of Justice as a part of a criminal investigation, while designing the 737 Max. Thus, according to a person, based on the knowledge of the inquiry, which is requested with the anonymity given based on a legal matter. Thus, the Federal investigators, are to be questioned based on the former Boeing employees with the allegations to make discussions which are requested based on anonymity ( 2020).

      The complaint, which was made with two crashes, builds on the concerns with Boeing that corporate culture, based on the company to repair its reputation while getting the planes to fly again. Thus, the current and former Boeing employees which are privately discussed the problems based on the design as well as the decision-making process based on the 737 Max. While this outlines an episode based on the managers dismissing the engineers’ recommendation to put priority on profits. Therefore, the engineer is required to file the ethical dilemma faced by the people due to taking up low-cost safety measures of ethical concerns this year. Apart from this, many engineers have decided to follow the steps ahead, to learn the ethical dilemma faced by Boeing 737 Max. Curtis Ewbank lodged a formal complaint while calling out the chief executive based on a public basis, while misrepresentation was based on the safety of the Boeing plane.

      One ethical framework

      One of the ethical frameworks of the Boeing airplane company has followed Non-maleficence. Thus, Boeing should get an acknowledgment that one should be aware of the issue based on the tragedy that happened with the fatal death of people in an air crash. Thus, Boeing Max jets have been facing deadly crashes due to minimizing their cost of safety measures to the people ( 2021). Thus, reports mentioned that the company has developed a warning for their mechanism to overcome accidentally rendering an option rather based on mandatory, as well as it is maintained by proper jeopardize flight protection. Therefore, as per the Angle of Attack Disagree warning is like a function based on the question in order to create safety measures for the people in order to notify its pilots about the two separate sensors while reporting about the conflict results. Thus, several steps are taken up by the plane-maker so that they can function well like all the other deliveries began to make usable airlines that are ordered with an extra indicator. Thus, it is planned to address the issue based on the future software. Therefore, the software problem, as per Boeing does not hurt airplane protection with services.

      Avoid problems in the future

      Thus, Boeing is one of the recent strategies that shall focus on the gap between the engineers between the company’s perception and its production.

      Code of Ethics

      Thus, Boeing shall follow the code of ethics to accelerate the certain guide of principles that are designed to help the professionals to conduct the business honestly as well as the integrity of the Boeing 737 Max 8. Thus, this encompasses the areas based on business ethics with the engineers to the code of professional practices as well as employees with a code of conduct.

      Business leadership

      Thus, to understand the business leadership, that understanding the loopholes of the company, Boeing has done a bad thing, while lowering the cost of safety people causing 346 people to die in two crashes. Therefore, business leadership mainly refers to the different organizations that can develop the aspect to recognize as well as set goals while providing direction based on the professional environment. Therefore, business leadership takes up different forms which usually involve the CEO or the engineers to give proper guidance while inspiring the team.


      This can be concluded that in the aviation sector, people are required to follow certain boundaries in terms of learning the ideas, and the digital mechanism so that they can integrate proper safety measures for the people to address the risk that can be faced by the people in Boeing 737 Max 8. Thus, they are required to follow different business ethics to cover the ethical dilemma for the aviation business policy.

      References (2020). Timeline: Boeing 737 Max jetliner crashes and aftermath. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 10th December, 2021] (2021). Boeing.  Retrieved from [Retrieved on 9th December, 2021] (2021). Inside United Airlines’ new Boeing 737 Max 8. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 10th December, 2021] (2021). Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft under scrutiny again. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 12th December, 2021]

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