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BUSN 412- Week 8: Jamba Juice

Aug 7, 2023

Week 8: Jamba Juice

Class, as we wrap up this course, let’s discuss one more case. Please look at Case 35: Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice started in San Luis Obispo, CAin 1990, was a company intent on helping individuals lead healthier lifestyles. Jamba Juice had been the smoothie industry leader but there had been increased competition from the likes of Starbucks and quick-serve restaurants like McDonald’s. Previous CEO James White had started a turnaround in 2008 and had passed the challenge on to Dave Pace, but the quick-serve, fast-food industry was a lot more competitive now. Stand-alone brands faced rising costs and needed significant scale in order to effectively manage operations, which was why the category was increasingly under consolidation. Would Jamba’s move to become a privately held subsidiary of FOCUS brands, an organization known for franchise management, be enough to keep Jamba Juice top-of-mind with current customers and attractive to new ones? Let’s discuss this case and apply what you have learned in this course


Week 8: Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice can compete only by focusing on obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage. All the other stores are competing are using various processes for competition and Jamie Juice should also focus on competing with the others so that it can attract more customers. For competitiveness Jamba Juice should transform its chain by franchising existing stores, should focus on more international growth should bring more offerings to the menu so that it can get the attention of more customers for the product (Chen, Yin & Mei, 2018, p.2). Jamba Juice should implement the plan to get more sales of the product and implement the plan to reduce expenses that are taking place.  Jamba Juice should focus on the food offering as they should make the product for all types whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner so that they can grab more attention from the customer. Jamba Juice should open various retail outlets across the world so that they can interact with more customers and the customer will come to know about the product.

For managing the growth Jamba Juices have several options which they should do and they are stated below-

Firstly- Jamba Juice should start with innovation in their product. Innovation in the product is the key factor for growth and success. Innovations like a variety of juices should be manufactured so that people can get a variety of products according to their tastes and preferences.

Secondly- Jamba juice should open various stores across the country so that people should come to know about the product and they can easily reach the product. It helps to get more customers and growth can take place.

Thirdly- Jamba juice should make a plan and focus on the various strategy for the growth of the company (Szende & Dalton, 2021, p.10). If the proper strategy is made then it will be easy to attract the customer and also for the growth of the company.


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Szende, P., & Dalton, A. N. (2021). Designing Service Experiences. In Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry. Emerald Publishing Limited.  (Szende & Dalton, 2021, p.10)

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