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BUSN 412- Week 8: Course Project

Aug 4, 2023

Week 8: Course Project
You will be submitting the Course Project Part 3 this week for grading. You can find what you need to complete this assignment on the Course Project Overview page in the Introduction and Resources module.

Week 8: Course Project

Section I: Leadership 

Leadership is an important part of eBay because it helps to promote teamwork in the company and how it motivating its employees to work for the company’s growth. Some of the important parts of the leading analysis are stated below-


Motivation is an important part of eBay because if the leader is motivating their employees then the work can be done more effectively and properly. Teamwork plays a key role in eBay because the company is basically run through the online medium and always wants to follow the recent trends and style (de Araujo et al. 2021, p.46). For this purpose company has to keep upgrading its stock.

Setting the direction- 

The main quality of the leadership is to set the direction of eBay when and what work needs to be done. All the work in the eBay is done in the direction of leaders so that work can be completed within time.

Designing the organization- 

The designing of eBay is done by the leaders on what work needs to be performed by which group or section so that work can be done and completed properly within time limits. Designing the organization helps to reduce the workload and conflict.

A culture dedicated to excellence- 

It is seen that eBay always follows the culture and due to this, the employees work together appreciate each other work, and motivate each other. The cultured company provides a positive effect on the company and the employees will work for not only their pay but also for the betterment of the company.

Ethical behavior- 

eBay always believes in ethical manner and ethical behavior in the work (Colovic, 2021, p.10). If the company work with fairness and honesty then it attracts lots of customers and this is the reason why eBay attract customer. 

Section J: Ethics

Ethics is the code that is practiced by the person and helps to understand the right and the wrong. The ethics concepts are stated below-

Virtue ethics-

Virtue ethics mainly deals with the honesty and morality of the person. In the case of eBay, it said that all the work should be done with morality, fairness, and honesty. It does not matter what others are doing to you but we have to follow the good ways. In eBay, they did not focus on what rules to follow but focused on what kind of person we are and how to help their customer out of their way. 

Deontological ethics-

These ethics see that the action which is taken by the company is wrong or right under the rules rather than the consequences. In eBay it is also seen that the company takes action related to the dealing of the customer, dealing with the employees is good or bad and consequences are not seen because the cation matters here (Okpo, 2020, p.18). 

Utilitarian ethics-

Utilitarianism is the family of normative ethical theories that believe in maximizing the happiness of the affected individuals (Lestari et al. 2020, p.366). In eBay also it is seen that the company makes the product according to the taste and preferences of the customer so that customer can be happy with the product and more happiness can be spread.  
Egoism- In Egoism the act is done for self-interest. In eBay this concept is not mainly used as in the case of ethical egoism claims that one acts morally if and only if one promotes one’s own best interest (Vitalsource, 2021, p.269). But in eBay, it is seen that the company acts for the best of the others rather than for themselves. 

Section K: Innovation

Innovations can be considered as important factors for the business without innovation the survival of the business cannot take place in the market. Some of the innovation types are stated below-

Incremental innovation-

This innovation is done in the existing market and with the use of existing technologies. Some features are added the so that same changes can take place. In the case of eBay also the company changes the pattern or design and adds new features to it. 

Disruptive innovation-

Here the market is existing but the technology is new (Goncharenko, 2020, p.115). It is seen that eBay always tries to use the latest technology in the existing market. In this innovation type, there is an existing market but the latest technology helps to work more promptly and fast.

Architectural innovation-

In innovation, the technology is existing but the market is new. EBay follows this innovation concept because the company always believe in the latest entering the new market and with the help of the app eBay is now able to launch new product apart from the garments.

Radical innovation-

Here the technology, as well as the market, is new (Flynn & Werhane, 2022, p.5). This innovation is not possible for eBay because the company already has the existing market or creates a new market but with old technology. 


It can be concluded that eBay which is an e-commerce shopping company that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. According to the analysis of eBay, it can be said that the company follows leadership quality, innovation criteria, ethics, and other strategies for the growth of the company. According to the viewpoint in the analysis, the company is following all the strategies whether the Porter model or the SWOT analysis. By analyzing all the strategies of the eBay it is seen that the company follows all the rules and tries to expand its business and attract lots of customers. 

The thing that surprises me about eBay is related to the company’s mission, vision, and innovation criteria. It is seen that the company has its particular mission and vision which is made in such a way that it is not only helpful for the growth of the company but will help the employees in their growth. The company also mainly focuses on innovative ideas and following an ethical manner. Though it is a big brand the company always follows an ethical background.
The thing I learned from eBay is that the company focuses on its employees and works for their betterment. The eBay company always attempts to involve their employees in the decision-making and motivate them in work rather than pressure them. 
The advice that I will give to eBay is that the company should now make the new and the latest strategy so that they can cover more customers. The company needs to be socially active so that it can reach more customers and should install its retail shops across the world. 


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