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BUSI 528- Week 8 Discussion: Chemical Dependency Program

Aug 24, 2023

Week 8 Discussion Forum

Complete your week 8 required discussion prompt.

Watch the video, Craft Your Narrative (2:34).

You have been asked to create a sales presentation about a chemical dependency program to the employee assistance professional of a large company.

What might the presentation look like if you use the narrative approach? If you used the stimulus-response approach?

Which approach do you believe is more effective? Why?

Week 8 Discussion: Chemical Dependency Program

A chemical dependency program is a program that the company provides to people who are addicted to harmful chemicals and drugs to help them quit that addiction. The presentation on the chemical dependency program will focus on:

Introduction of the chemical dependency treatment: This treatment helps an individual to quit their addiction to any chemical or drugs. The company will support them and provide proper training and grooming sessions to people. The chemical dependency treatment provides an individual with the best medical treatment for their addiction disorders.

Chemical dependency treatment types:

  1. First treatment by the expert physicians in the hospital care programs which provide the best ways to help an individual quit the abusive drugs and alcohol.
  2. The next step is to deeply monitor an individual after the first intensive treatment in hospital care. In this step, an individual is allowed to visit their home.
  3. This program focuses on the patients who are less severe closely monitors their lifestyle and tries to improve their quality of life.
  4. The program after completion of hospitalization session and the lifestyle monitoring, that is, outplace from the hospital care, the program of aftercare is organized. This helps the patients to fully get back into a normal healthy life.

Narrative approach

This approach involves conceptualizing the individual in terms of an overarching life story, or personal narrative. Narrative theories posit that self-concept is constructed from life stories and that these stories are complete with characters, plots, and themes (Bradford & Syed, 2019, p.307). Narrative therapy does not seek to transform the person in therapy. Instead, it aims to transform the effects of a problem. Its goal is to make space between a person and their issue. This makes it possible to see how a certain concern is serving a person, rather than harming them.

The Stimulus-Response Approach

It is a sales approach that emphasizes saying the right thing at the right time with the aid of a presentation and guiding a prospect through the question-answer (Lee, Xu & Porterfield, 2022, p.1321). This approach focuses on the feedback and the question-answer round that the presenter gives to the audience. This turns the presentation into an interactive session after the completion of the presentation.

The presentation based on this stimulus-response approach will be as follows:

Chemical Dependency Program:

Employee assistance professional: I am sure that you are aware that, in life, we all go through ups and downs and life gets hard at times. But there are other ways of handling our problems apart from alcohol and drugs.

Prospect: Yes, I know.

Employee assistance professional: I am sure that no one would want to be somewhere, under some influence, and hurt someone because the wrong choices were made, would you?

Prospect: No.

Employee assistance professional: Don’t you believe that it’s high time for you to get some help? We have a program that is best for you and will help you to recover. I’ll provide you with all the details that you require.

Prospect: Yes, that sounds perfect.

According to me, the most effective approach is the Stimulus-Response Approach. The reason for saying that the stimulus approach is better is stated below-

Firstly, one of the most important reasons is that in the case of the stimulus, the question and answer is done where the feedback is as well received from the other side. Here it helps to understand what the other person is and what knowledge he has gained while in the case of the narrative approach, it does not interact or receive feedback it just tries to explain the topic properly without emphasizing their feedback.

Secondly, the stimulus approach is mainly used by the people due to its easier understanding than the narrative.


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