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BUS 7033- Week 4 Discussion: Systematic Thinking

Aug 22, 2023


Atwater et al. say that systemic thinking is missing in business education. While they are writing about the business school context, | want you to think about the workplace. How can you, as a leader, train future leaders to think systemically? Answering this will probably require some outside research. Your initial post of at least 300 words

Week 4 Discussion: Systematic Thinking

Systematic thinking is a powerful approach to understanding the nature of why situations are the way they are, and how to go about improving results. In the organization, all the work needs to be done systematically so that the performance can be better and the work can be done on time. If the systematic process is to be maintained then the work can be done properly without any issue. The leaders should always motivate the upcoming leaders to be static and think systematically so that the work can be done effectively and efficiently. Thinking systemic helps to complete the work properly.

Leaders train future leaders to think systemically by following the various ways and they are stated below-

Ask several different questions- The leader should train the future leaders to ask several different questions so that they can able to learn new things in the organization which is required for the company as well. Asking the different questions helps them to understand things in a systemic way that what work needs to be done and in what process, in short, they can get the short detail of the work which needs to be performed.

Notice the system around you– The leaders should ask the future leaders to notice the work which is done around them so that by seeing the work they can understand what type of work they have to do and can get accomplish that as well. It helps them to perform their work properly without any issues (Khan, 2022, p.5). If the notice is done around then the leaders can understand what mistakes they need to avoid and what should be taken care of so that they can be good leaders in the organization and perform well.

Identify and analyze the issue- The leaders should train their future leaders to identify and analyze the issue which has taken place in the organization. With the identification and the analysis, the leaders can get to understand and know what are the issues which majorly take place in the organization and can be a day with such things. Analyzing helps them to see the major kind of the issue that takes place from which place and helps them as well to solve it properly without any problem.

Gather, the feedback received and work on it– The leaders should make the future leader learn that they should collect the feedback that they have received from the people and should work on it so that the improvements can be made according to that mad can understand that in which place the more focused is required as well and can focus on that part as well (Woodcock & Woolfson, 2019, p.235).

Continue the improvement process– Future leaders should always learn to be systemic and dg improvements in their working process so that they can understand other people and help them as well in the work. It helps to build trust with the other team members and make a good relationship with the other person as well.


Khan, N. (2022). Spirituality, religion, and family therapy: Competing or complementary worlds? Research into the systemic training of Muslim community leaders. Context180, 14. 

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