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BUS 7033- Case Study 8.2

Aug 24, 2023


  1. How is it an example of transformational leadership?
  2. Where are Dr. Cook’s strengths in the Full Range of Leadership model (see Figure 9.2)?
  3. What is the vision Dr. Cook has for the archaeology excavations?

Case 8.2

1. Transformation leadership is leadership where the leaders motivate their employees to do better in the work and help them to achieve their goals as well. Yes, this is an example of transformational leadership because Dr. Cook’s experiences and how he treated his students show that it is transformational leadership (Siangchokyoo, Klinger & Campion, 2020, p.5). He always motivates their team members and asks them to share the responsibility as well. He always shares the importance of the project with the team and discusses our interest in the task as well. He always highlights the achievements of the team members so that they can get motivated about the work. He always mutually supports their team to do better which shows that this is transformational leadership.

2. Cook shows the leadership factors of transformational leadership. HE influences the students and motivates them as well do the work and act in a team. The strength of Dr.  Cook’s leadership model is stated below-

Firstly, it can be said that Dr. Cook motivates their student in their work to do better. He provides the opportunity for the student to share their ideas and the thoughts and changes that need to be done.

Secondly, Dr. Cook also makes sure that the student gets involved in the work and he does it by sharing the stories so that all the students can get the accomplishment of the work as well.

3. Cook wants to advance the scholarly work in archaeology based on the outcomes of the expeditions. He l; likes to inspire the students so that they can show their interest in learning. His mission is to educate the students in archeology so that they can pursue the field of archeology as well (Asbari et al. 2020, p.15).


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Siangchokyoo, N., Klinger, R. L., & Campion, E. D. (2020). Follower transformation as the linchpin of transformational leadership theory: A systematic review and future research agenda. The Leadership Quarterly31(1), 101341.

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