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BUS 7033- Case 8.2

Aug 22, 2023


  1. Based on the LMX model, how would you describe Jenny’s leadership?
  2. How do you think the employees at City Mortgage respond to Jenny?
  3. If you were asked to follow in Jenny’s footsteps, do you think you could or would want to manage City Mortgage with a similar style?

Case 8.2

1. LMX or the leadership matrix is the symbiotic relationship that a leader and his or her followers share. In the leadership matrix, the leaders add value to the followers, and the followers i8n reciprocate that value by completing the given tasks that were delegated to them. In the case of Jerry’s leadership, it can be said that it is a combination of servant leadership and cross-cultural leadership. Servant leadership keeps the employees first and does the work ethically. Where doing right is the priority servant leadership looks that what is right for the organization as well as the right for the employees as well (Lee & Kelly, 2019, p.110). In CROSS-CULTURAL Leadership the ability to communicate across different cultures with sensitivity is extremely important. In this type of leadership, the leaders learn how to work in a diverse group followed by the equal-opportunity, fairness, and integration in the work as well.

2. According to me the employees at city mortgage respond to Jenny with competence and a self-managerial style of behavior. Jenny’s direct reporters enjoy and respect the freedom that they have and the open culture that operate within. Unlike the other employees who are interfered with constantly, her employees are more likely to provide feedback. In Jenny’s leadership, there is transparency in the work is there. With the help of transparent work in the organization, more trust is built and opens the door to building the trust of the employees within the organization. When the leader provides transparent feedback on the work to the employees then the employees will also trust their leader and try to work as a team. So, they say that in the case of the building of trust, the leadership should always work ethically without and distinguished.

3. Yes, if I were asked to follow in Jenny’s footsteps. I would like to manage City Mortgage’s performance metrics and performance appraisals in the same way. I like the way Jenny did the work and the performance of Jenny as well where Jenney makes sure that she stacks each of the individuals based on their strengths. This is a far better system than the bell curve system or the stack ranking system for measuring employee performance (Salih, 2020, p.2). The problem with Stack Ranking or Forced Distribution, is that it used broad strokes to classify employees without looking into marginal differences or degree of performance and skill variations within each performance segment within the bell curve. It results in the firm making bad decisions during the review of the performance as well.


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