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BUS 159- Week 1 Assignment: Strategic Planning

Aug 25, 2023

From this point, you are not sure what to do to fully integrate the new organization.

  1. Why should you develop an HRM strategic plan?
  2. Which components of your HR plan will you have to change?
  3. What additional information would you need to create an action plan for these changes?

Week 1 Assignment: Strategic Planning

1. According to me Strategic planning predicts the future HR needs of the organization after analyzing the organization’s current human resources, the external labor market, and the future HR environment in which the organization will be operating. Human Resource Strategic Planning is a key element in achieving organizational goals and overall strategic objectives. Human resources strategy looks at the direction in which the organization is moving and plans for future manpower requirements based on future skills requirements. A comprehensive HRM Strategic Plan will also look to find people who fit into the culture of the company and believe in the organization’s values. There are various reasons to develop an HRM strategic plan and some of them are stated below-

Firstly, if a good strategic plan is made and relayed to the work then the work will be done accordingly without any issue and as per the plan made. Strategic planning helps to work according to the plan and helps to achieve the target within the provided time limit. The business can able to survive only if proper planning and implementation are done. With the help of strategic planning, proper planning is done on how to work appropriately.

Secondly, the other reason to make the strategic plan is that it improves the self-awareness related to the business (Macabinguil, 2022, p.5). With the making of the plan, the person will be able to understand and learn new things related to what is good and bad for the company or which should be the priority for the business. Planning helps to understand the needs of the organization and understand the changes that need to be done without any problem and the things that need to be improved as well.

Thirdly one of the important reasons for the making of the strategic plan is that it gives the employees something to work forward. It is seen that the purpose of the work is given to the employees and the mission and the goal is clear to them and they can work accordingly as well. If the goal is clear what work is needed to be performed and how to perform the work then it will be easy to understand what work needs to be completed first and understand the goal of the organization. If the goal is known then it can be easy for them to accomplish it as well.

2. According to me certain components needneeds to be changed in the Plan and some of them are stated below-

Performance Management– HR plans need to include rules, criteria, and guidelines for performance appraisal, promotion, and career progression. It also needs to address how the company should handle poor performance. It can be said that the performance needs to be improved in the organization. Performance is one of the important aspects that need to see the position of the organization. The performance of the organization should be managed properly so that the organization can work properly and effectively as well. If the performance is good then the organization will gain more recognition in the market.

Training and development– Training and development are an important part of any successful organization. It helps employees to acquire skills that would be needed for the growth of the company. It also helps employees to achieve their career goals and fuel their career progression which results in high employee satisfaction. The training of the organization needs to be improved as well because if the employees do not get the proper training, they will not be able to understand the work which theythat to perform. The proper training and development of the employees help to increase the productivity of the organization and the employees will also be able to learn the new technique related to the work as well (Antipov et al. 2019, p.180). Good training and development help to increase job satisfaction and lessen the waste and loss of time as well. The good the training will be the more growth and productivity will take place.

Staff relations– As a company grows it needs to show more staff commitment and invest in the well-being of employees not only at the office but also in their personal lives. It needs to set rules and guidelines for employee welfare and address any grievances, and disputes resolution. HRM strategic planning should aim to develop a good working environment so employees can work freely knowing everything else has been taken care of. A good relationship should be maintained with the staff because if a good relationship is maintained then trust can be formed between each other and the work can be done more properly and effectively as well. If there is a good relationship between the staff and the employer then the work will get completed in time and without any arousal of conflict as well.

Absenteeism– One of the major things that needs to be improved is the case of absenteeism. It is often seen that most of the employees are absent and give some excuses for ancient. Thus, to motivate the employees to come to the organization and lessen absenteeism good refreshments should be there where employees can engage themselves in cocurricular activities or gam, es from the work that takes place in the organization. If the employees are motivated in work the absenteeism will be less. To lessen absenteeism is necessary for the organization to add a refreshment area where apart from the work there is a game area. Proper communication should also take place so that the employees are motivated to work in the company without any absenteeism.

3. According to my perspective information that is needed to create an action plan for these would require information regarding the mission and vision of the organization. If the mission and the vision of the organization are known then it will be helpful to understand what changes we need to get focus on so that the work can be formed properly and effectively. The additional information related to the mission is what the organization’s mission is and what its objective is for the organization (Sumpradit et al. 2021, p.5). If the mission of the organization is known then it can be easy to run the organization as some of the objectives are there and the employees will also know what work needs to be performed and what is the actual mission of the organization or for the operating of the business as well. The vision here refers to where the organization sees itself in the coming year and where the organization will stand in the coming year as well. This additional information helps to understand the organization properly and the work can be done more efficiently and effectively as well.


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