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BUS 105- Week 2 Discussion Forum

Aug 21, 2023


    In your initial discussion forum post,

    Provide the link to the Forbes article you read.

    Briefly reflect on the Forbes article you read. In your reflection, answer the following questions:

    Why did you choose this article?

    What does the article discuss?

    What are two pieces of advice you learned from the article?

    What steps must you take to put the advice given into action?

    How can you apply the advice to your professional or academic goal?

    Week 2 Discussion Forum

    Strategies of business success are the key that pushes an employee to not only accomplish the organizational targets but to work on enhancing their personal and professional performance to achieve the professional goals. In the Forbes article “Peter Drucker On Finding Lasting Success in Business” written by the top management consultant of America, Peter Drucker states that achieving personal goals is equally important as to achieving professional goals. I have chosen this Forbes article because it provides a clear vision on how to achieve the success of the business.

    Peter has mentioned how he had assisted the executives in managing themselves and achieving professional goals (Drucker, 2018). He might not be alive today with us but his advice always helped the business owners to achieve their professional goals without neglecting theirs. The article discussed different ways in which employees can focus on their goals along with concentrating on achieving the professionally defined targets.

    The advice that I gained from this article is that instead of changing ourselves we should try to fix our mistakes. Hence the chances of success get increased. Also, working on the skill set that required improvement (leadership and digital technology from the discussion forum 1) is also one piece of advice I gained from here. However, rather than changing myself as per business type and scale. I should rather opt for working and improving on my weaker sections to boost my performance. Also, I will take up only those tasks that I can be able to do instead of taking the work that I cannot fulfill.

    To put the piece of advice gained from the article into action, I will improve my weak traits and tries to involve in it with the experienced personnel of the business. I will also come to use many tools and resources that will help me in overcoming my weakness. Moreover, firstly I will overcome all my weaknesses and then learn about the weak skills more and finally applied on my professional and academic goals to accomplish them soon.


    Drucker, P. (2018). Peter Drucker on finding lasting business success. Retrieved on: 28 March 2022, from:

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