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BIO 290- Wk 5 Discussion – Muscle Movement

Aug 9, 2023

Wk 5 Discussion – Muscle Movement

Take a minute to observe the movement of a part of your body or observe someone else moving a part of your body. Describe the movement you are observing.

  • Which parts of the body are involved in this movement? Be specific and list as many organs as you can.
  • Using common terms, describe the muscles you think are involved in this movement.
  • What role do you think each of the muscles plays in this movement?
  • How is the movement of the muscles interacting with various bones in the body?

Wk 5 Discussion – Muscle Movement

I have chosen the movement that we acquire while running. Getting up early, for a running session has always been a regular routine. I have always been interested in understanding what are the different muscles that we use while running. During the different phases of running, the joint movements and the muscle activities keep changing.

In the process of running the whole body take part in developing movement, primarily using the lower body muscles and the core muscles. The core muscles connect the lower body with the upper body parts. The upright posture and the shock attained while in the running motion is controlled by the abdominal core muscles. It also helps to maintain good posture and balance. The alignment of the spine, pelvis and lower body is very important. Hip flexors help to stabilize the hips and the spine. They are located just above the thighs and connect the thigh bone to the lower back, hips and groin region. Gluteal muscles located in the buttocks play a very key role while running, they help in moving forward while running and also control the speed. Gluteal muscles also stabilize the hip movement while running. Quadriceps are very important muscles that help to extend the knees and move forward balancing the strength transfer to the hamstrings, the knee cap is connected to the quadriceps and they are protected while in motion of running. Hamstrings extend the knees and also help in knee flexion. They help in hyperextension when we push the ground while running and bend the knees. It is located at the back of the thighs. Strong hamstrings provide good efficiency to professional athletes. Calf muscles are involved in extending and flexing the foot. Proper alignment of the body, and maintaining correct posture while in movement can avoid many injuries that athletes suffer during running (Danielsson et al. 2020, p.15).


Danielsson, A., Horvath, A., Senorski, C., Alentorn-Geli, E., Garrett, W. E., Cugat, R., … & Hamrin Senorski, E. (2020). The mechanism of hamstring injuries–a systematic review. BMC musculoskeletal disorders21(1), 1-21.

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