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BIO 290- Week 3_Discussion- Movement

Aug 4, 2023

Take a minute to observe the movement of a part of your body or observe someone else moving a part of your body. Describe the movement you are observing.
Which parts of the body are involved in this movement? Be specific and list as many organs as you can.
Using common terms, describe the bones you think are involved in this movement.
What role do you think each of the bones plays in this movement?

Week 3_Discussion- Movement

The movement I will be analyzing is throwing a ball. The whole body is involved in the process with a special focus on the muscles of the shoulder, arms, back, and core.
The process of throwing progresses through two phases. The first is the preparatory phase, followed by a throwing phase. The activity is acted through the transverse plane rotating on the longitudinal axis of our body. In this process of rotation, the joints playing the pivotal role are the ones located in our elbow and shoulder. Apart from them joints present in our finger or thumb region as well as in the wrist also work together in the process. The bones present here are radius-ulna and carpals. The vertebral bone structures provide a rigid framework to support the back posture movement. Further, the bones of the hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes also support the stature of the body. The bones present here are the femur, tibia, patella, tibia-fibula, and talus (Vellios, Weeks & Dines, 2021, p.20).
Different parts of the bone are associated with the process. The joints present in the elbow play a central role in conducting the movement. The hinge here is constituted by the attachment of the ulna with the humerus bone. Another joint present in the shoulder namely the ball and socket joint also acts as a key player in the formation of the movement. Within the ball and socket joint, the humerus joints itself with the scapula of the upper limb and this provides anatomy and elasticity in the process of throwing a ball (Cinque, Schickendantz & Frangiamore, 2020, p.100).


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