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BIO 111- Chapter 2 Discussion

Aug 16, 2023

Discussion Ch. 2

Respond with complete thoughts and sentences using appropriate grammar and biology vocabulary. Be respectful and courteous in your response. Please reply with 50-100 words to complete.

Why is the presence of water important in the search for life on other planets? (extraterrestrial life)

Chapter 2 Discussion

Why is the presence of water important in the search for life on other planets?

Water is an important element for the existence of life on Earth and other planets. A crucial ecological requirement for life on planets is liquid water. On an exoplanet temperature is an important factor to be considered as it determines the existence of water in liquid forms. It can be estimated directly from the climatic and orbital models associated with exoplanetary systems. In dry conditions, phototrophs are seeking shelter and preserved water in rocks. The water for supporting life is retrieved by absorbing atmospheric moisture by the deliquescent of salt. The exomoons and exoplanets are finding worlds that are resembling the Earth to varying extents. The possibilities of life on distant planets require temperatures between -15 degrees and 122 degrees Celcius (, 2022).

There are also water sources in astronomical neighbors like Moon and Venus. Beliefs prevailed that the moon did not retain water. The moon contains water, especially in the frozen form at the poles. Some researchers suggested that an Earth-like atmosphere surrounds Venus with a watery surface. However, it is now extremely hot for water to be present in the liquid form. Ice deposits are found all over the surface of Mars which suggests the presence of water on the Mars’ surface. Recent studies using radar instruments have also suggested the existence of water in liquid form on the surface of Mars. This liquid water can be too salty for supporting life on the planet. It is a promising result that Mars might have been a habitable planet in the past. Also, there is no proper atmosphere surrounding Mars and life is becoming impossible on its dusty surface.

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