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BIBL2003-Week 2 Reflection Journal

Jul 26, 2023

    Week 2 Reflection Journal

    This assignment is less formal than essays or other course writing assignments; However, each of your journal entries should still build a coherent narrative, use complete sentences, and be grammatically correct. Here are some things to consider when creating an engaging and informed journal entry:

    1. Carefully review and consider each of the questions below. Your response to the overriding idea(s) behind these questions will serve as the basis for your journal entry.
    2. spend some time jotting down your reactions, ideas, and responses to what you are learning as you complete the assigned readings and review each of the additional resources provided for the instructional week.
    3. Jot notes down about specific elements, examples, or experiences you would like to include in your journal entry. Select those that best represent your ideas and thoughts as they pertain to the questions provided and organize them into a clearly-stated narrative.

    What is a human being? What am 1? Who am I? What do we mean when we say that humans are created in the image of God? Are we designed with intelligence or mere products of random “evolutionary” processes? Your total, combined response should be at least 200 words in length and should make sufficient use of specific terms, concepts, and ideas covered in the assigned readings and other resources provided in this week of the course.

    Week 2 Reflection Journal

    Human Beings are actually a culture based on bearing a primate classified with the genus of Homo. Thus, this is actually based on the types of H. sapiens. Therefore, human beings are automatically related with similarity based on the great apes. Hence, they are often distinguished with a highly developed brain and a resultant capacity to articulate a speech with intellectual reasoning. I am a human being who is likely to live for the sake of God. I have been searching for peace while reading from the scripture portions. Thus, I have read about Peter, who calls for my reason to be a human being (Peter 3:15).  I am a human who is living for the existence of God, in my opinion.  

    All humans are created by god, is the theory that is narrated in the scriptures. Thus, I would like to mention that Jesus Christ has been spreading it to all the people through his disciples that God created humans in his image. Therefore, for this reason, all human has the right to be born, based on love with the purpose to share love for all.  

    Charles Darwin told about his theory based on the “Survival of the Fittest” which is mainly based on the creation of Human Beings. Charles Darwin helped to identify that Humans the species came from apes. Therefore, evolution focuses on intelligent people, based on the changes. Thus, human is the intelligent product randomly known to intelligent products developed under the “evolutionary” process. 


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