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BIBL 2003-Contemporary Issue Analysis Paper

Jul 29, 2023

Biblical Perspectives—-Contemporary Issue Assignment

Special Instructions

Content Requirements:

  • 3 pp. min. in addition to the Title page and Reference page
  • 3 outside sources (academic sources) in addition to the Bible and the textbook.        
  • 3 Bible passages. Use websites like or
  • 2 non-biblical worldviews compared to the biblical worldview on an issue.
  • 1 issue from those under the four categories listed on p. 266 in the textbook.
  • Do not use an introduction or conclusion.

Structural Requirements: Answer each of the following questions in your paper. Use 6 headings and use the same number of words for each answer (about 150 words):

  1. Why is this issue an important issue for Christians?
  2. What is at stake for society if a biblical worldview is not taken on this issue?
  3. What does the Bible say about this issue either directly or indirectly?
  4. How is the issue viewed differently by two other non-biblical worldviews?
  5. Why is the biblical worldview a better stance on this issue?
  6. How should the church respond to this issue?

Biblical Perspectives—-Contemporary Issue Assignment

Contemporary Issue Analysis Paper

1. Why is this issue an important issue for Christians?

Christianity and abortion are recognized as a long and complex conflicted history since the past. Thus, there is no explicit statement based on abortion based on the Old Testament and the New Testament, which are the two books from the Christian Bible. Therefore, as in the case of the Bible, which certainly mentions that the passages interpreted on anti-abortion Christians that means abortion which is not morally acceptable. Therefore, several passages from the bible recognize abortion to be an important issue for Christians. This is because, Bible indicates towards the unborn child, should develop the thought in order to make protection from the moment of conception (Phillips et al. p. 259). Thus, the Christian Churches even in the modern days, consider abortion as a wrongful form of taking out the life of an innocent human being. In this context, Christians, even mentioned that, if abortion is required to be done, in order to save the life of the mother, then it is justified because this mainly involves a choice for one dying person on the death rate of two.   

2. What is at stake for society if a biblical worldview is not taken on this issue?

Morality is at stake within the U.S. society based on abortion as the issue. Therefore, reports measure that most women from the United States are basically religious, and most of them are based on the doctrine to disapprove of abortion. Therefore, in-depth interviews from the U.S. women, have focused that more than 78% of women in the United States have found abortion as a stigma, which manifested their strategies to identify their religious affiliation. 

3. What does the bible say about this issue either directly or indirectly?

As abortion is one of the issues, which is considered a sin, under the views of the Bible. Therefore, it is believed that abortion is likely a grave sin done by a mother. Thus, the bible states that abortion is not morally accepted or it shall have any acceptance within society. Thus, the objection is based on a viewpoint that is non-persuasive. Thus, Bible and Christianity, mention that abortion mainly manifests to take a human life on the wrong note. Therefore, the bible does not stand for those who accept conducting an abortion. Thus, legal justice has passed their views stating that abortion can be legal if it is required for the sake of the mother’s body. However, many religious women are against the theory of abortion and beliefs in the fact that abortion is unlike a stigma, that should not be followed. Thus, this is like a grave sin done by the mother during conception. Since the first century, Church considered abortion a moral evil. From the early century, Christians have sharply distinguished between the pagan culture while rejecting the facts of abortion and infanticide. Thus, Bible directly speaks that abortion is more likely to be a method, which is like a grave of the moral law. Thus, none only from the bible, but also the religious saints have preached over the century, that abortion is a grave sin at every stage. Therefore, abortion is seen as an attack on human destiny before life comes into the world (Phillips et al. p. 266). Jeremiah 1:5 states “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”, this is likely to be making an indication to the mother.  Apart from this, by the 13th century St. Thomas Aquinas, made extensive use of Aristotle’s thought, which includes the rational theory of human life, stating about the span of pregnancy. However, he even rejected the matter of abortion and viewed it as a grave based on the Christian aspect and observed it as a sin made against nature, which is a rejection of God’s gift.

4. How is the issue viewed differently by two other non-biblical worldviews?

There are several people who stand for abortion. Thus, medically, not following the biblical aspect, and in order to save the mother’s life, abortion is done at times. Apart from this, the non-biblical worldviews state that abortions are done to the mother who is certainly raped or is unmarried. Alternatively, abortion is also done for women who have been facing sexual harassment or for children under age. Therefore, abortion is still a stigma among Christians and the Bible but hence, at times, when it is required the mother and the Modern Medical Science, have to be a part of this abortion or infanticide.   

5. Why is the biblical worldview a better stance on this issue?

Abortion is mentioned in the Bible, which speaks only about the issue of abortion. Bible narrates that Abortion is the criminal activity to kill the life when it is in the womb. As Exodus 21:22-25 states, abortion is a criminal activity that involves the Covenant Code case to the pregnant woman. Thus, based on the biblical stance, Bible portrays the example of life, through the appearance of Adam and Eve on the Earth. Thus, abortion mainly focuses on personhood, based on the woman and the fetus of the woman, who as per the bible can be considered as getting personhood, with multiple dimensions for the future. Hence, based on the biblical perspective God takes up the decision for life. thus, as per the Church law abortion can be considered a vital issue, and shall be graded with a penalty (Phillips et al. p. 255). Thus, as per the canonical penalties, that is severely based on the ideas which directly note that abortion is a stage of the human soul and it has its presence.

6. How should the church respond to this issue?

Church even has the belief that abortion is a morally evil attempt to kill the life and the soul of the human when the fetus is under conception. Therefore, the church has affirmed abortion as an issue. While the modern church states that abortion is a moral evil based on procuring abortion. Thus, the government has legal protection for the lives within their countries, similarly, this includes the protection of the unborn children. Therefore, objection to this position is recognized as a moral evil, and a mother is killing the personhood in her womb, which I found to be unpersuasive (Phillips et al. p 267). Therefore, Churches are still opposed to abortion under their principle, that “Every human life has the inherent dignity to live as a person”. Thus, Church’s based on social doctrine is mainly based on the teachings on war, stating about abortion is a criminal attempt taken up while killing the life inside the mother’s womb.


Phillips, W. G., Brown, W. E., & Stonestreet, J. (2008). Making sense of your world: A biblical worldview. Sheffield.

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