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IDS-100- 6-1 Discussion: Your Topic and the Lenses

Aug 3, 2023

6-1 Discussion: Your Topic and the Lenses

Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.
For your initial post, address the following:
⦁ Restate your topic. Describe the two lenses you have chosen for your analysis.
⦁ What connections can you draw from what you have learned about your topic in relation to two of the lenses?

6-1 Discussion

The selected option is voting rights, which can be described under the two lenses because I look through the various social sciences based on the history of lenses. Thus, this creates a link between the historical lens as well as the social lens, which is directly related to each other. I have selected Voting Rights because, this is based on the signs of law under the Civil Rights Movement, where the South Afro-Americans, got a chance to develop themselves independently under the American democracy (Facchini et al. 2020). Thus, selection based on the historical and social lens took place in order to recognize and define voting rights for all citizens.
Previously based on the historical aspect, it only allowed white men to have the right to vote. Therefore, after the year, the 1870s, two of the constitutional amendments changed, along with the social lens. Thus, as ratified in the year 1870s under the Fifteenth Amendment eventually extended the voting rights for all men, who faced disparity on racial grounds. Moreover, based on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act mainly ended white supremacy ((Aneja & Avenancio-Leon 2019).
While this was important, this did not end the racial discrimination, as narrated by the social lens. Although, selecting social science mainly helps me to get a relevant idea about the people, and learn about their behavior so that none can be discriminated against on the basis of their racial grounds. Hence, in my opinion, I think that voting rights can be considered under the concern of an integral part belonging to society, which can make changes to the voting rights system in the United States. As a result, the Voting Rights Act can be considered effective through the historical lens, which can start up seeing the actions while the laws, and procedures are based on the electoral results. Voting Rights mainly developed after the Civil Rights, where the African-Americans got a democratized allowance, which allowed all men to vote on a formal note, while women and children got the opportunity to vote.


Facchini, G., Knight, B. G., & Testa, C. (2020). The franchise, policing, and race: Evidence from arrests data and the Voting Rights Act (No. w27463). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Aneja, A. P., & Avenancio-Leon, C. F. (2019). The effect of political power on labor market inequality: Evidence from the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Unpublished working paper.

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