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ARLH 208- Week 9: Americas Dirty Divide

Aug 11, 2023

Each week you will write a total of two to three pages. You must pick at least one article from the Weekly Reading folders and one film from the lecture to write about. You may also use two readings. Please make sure you include the title of the article and the film. You are also able to do extra credit worth up to 5 or ten points or extra films or articles or the extra credit from the syllabus. Attach your extra credit of at least a 1-2 page to the weekly submission for it to count. Please use the following format in either doc or pdf format:

Week 9- Americas dirty divide

Week 9: Americas dirty divide

The 9th article has stated various aspects of how the aspect of environmental racism leaves behind the vulnerable. It has been illustrated that the climate crisis has forced several people into considering what they would do if their so-called homes become unliveable during their course of life. It has been observed that in the United States, the black and indigenous people have been fighting for their right to be provided with safe, clean, and healthy dwelling environments.

The nation has witnessed decades of persistent forms of racism. Although the US is one of the richest nations within the globe, there are discriminatory issues against minority populations. It has also been stated within this article that the health impacts of these forms of inequalities are staggering in nature. It has also been noted that the Black people are 75 percent more probable to live in close proximity to gas and oil facilities and they are subjected to a high degree of air toxicity.

The article has stated that Guardian has launched a context named “America’s Dirty Divide, which is a year-long series portraying various facts and issues related to the US environmental racism along with its history. The Guardian has partnered with Nexus media, which is a non-profit news service that concentrates on the various elements and quotients of climate change for the production of video documentaries about the justice issues related to the environment.

This project would also be conveying the stories of people who mobilize the various aspects of transformational circumstances. The geographical focus of this project is broad, as has been mentioned within this article’s illustration. This article has mentioned the fact that various state and local governments of the US talk about “climate-resilient” communities, which are highly effective in regards to surviving extreme weather-related issues and discriminatory issues ( 2021). Among the various advocates of environmental justice, there is a transparent form of understanding that the stated inequalities are not any form of coincidence. Instead, they emerge from a very long history of discriminatory and racist types of practices that have permitted the industry to be polluted with a high degree of impunity in the disadvantaged communities. The justices of environmental advocates are hoping to back up the administration that has been formulated by Joe Biden. This article is highly effective for the readers in gaining a high degree of awareness about all the stated subjects and objectives, which have been depicted within the article’s literature.

Reference (2021), America’s dirty divide: how environmental racism leaves the vulnerable behind, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on 12th March, 2022]

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