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ARLH 208- Week 7: Why Americans die so much

Aug 11, 2023

Each week you will write a total of two to three pages. You must pick at least one article from the Weekly Reading folders and one film from the lecture to write about. You may also use two readings. Please make sure you include the title of the article and the film. You are also able to do extra credit worth up to 5 or ten points or extra films or articles or the extra credit from the syllabus. Attach your extra credit of at least a 1-2 page to the weekly submission for it to count. Please use the following format in either doc or pdf format:

Week 7- Article = Why Americans die so much

Week 7: Why Americans die so much

America is home to people from diverse cultures and nationalities. The life spans of people in the USA indicate important information about American society. The provided paper encompasses the situation lasting for the past three decades. The National Bureau of Economic Research has released a new research paper indicating that Americans are dying at a faster rate when compared to their counterparts in Europe. In America, it is likely that teenagers shall die before attaining the age of 20 years and adults are more prone to death before 65 years. Life expectancy on average has extended to 80 years in the European nations. Americans are more prone to death via accidents and kill each other with guns as they have greater access to these weapons (Thompson, 2021, p.3). Also, in America, the rate of infectious disease spread is higher when compared to other developed European nations. Data is collected about the lives of Americans from different aspects of ethnicity and income levels.

Findings have revealed that there are striking similarities between the mortality rates of poor and rich communities in Europe. In these nations, improvements in the healthcare sector encompass even the poorest sections of society. In the US, the inequality and highest poverty in society are much more relevant and apparent. It is more likely that infants shall die at a faster rate than infants in European nations. The mortality rate of teenagers in the poorest and richest areas is almost similar in the European nations. Rich Americans are being outlived by rich Europeans. The overall healthcare system of the USA has been viewed in the negative aspect.

There has been an increase in the mean life spans of Black Americans in both poor and rich areas across all ages. The main reason for decreasing mortality rate in Europe has been facilitated by improvements in medical science for treating cancer and cardiovascular disease. New therapies and drugs for cholesterol, cancer, high blood pressure are contributing to prolonging the longevity of lives across various ethnicities. Thus, it is necessary to enhance the health and well-being of Americans, especially the disadvantaged sections of society, and promote their welfare.


Thompson, D. (2021). Why Americans die so much. U.S. Life spans, which have fallen behind those in Europe, are telling us something important about American society, 1-4.

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