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ARLH 208- Week 6: The Forgotten Interventions

Aug 11, 2023

Each week you will write a total of two to three pages. You must pick at least one article from the Weekly Reading folders and one film from the lecture to write about. You may also use two readings. Please make sure you include the title of the article and the film. You are also able to do extra credit worth up to 5 or ten points or extra films or articles or the extra credit from the syllabus. Attach your extra credit of at least a 1-2 page to the weekly submission for it to count. Please use the following format in either doc or pdf format:

Week 6

Week 6: The forgotten interventions

The role of Russia in the alleged hacking of the DNC might associate Donald Trump with Putin. Still, the Washington intelligentsia has been reluctant to associate this incident with the crucial aspect of history in the USA. The doctrine of Truman would be supporting free people who are resisting subjugation by outside pressures and armed minorities. The CIA was directed by American presidents for overthrowing leaders in Chile, Congo, Guatemala, and Iran who were elected freely. These leaders were falsely designated as communists who were considered threats to national security. The omission of this historical event prevents the American public and leaders from understanding the adversaries of interference in external affairs. This ignorance causes US officials to portray the general public as the victims instead of weapon investors.

Subsequently, the director selected by Washington took charge, oil companies of America invaded and the Iranian relations resulted in the development of a civil nuclear program of Iran. Americans continued to overthrow leaders and the freely elected President of Guatemala emerged as the new President, Jacobo Arbenz became the next target. The president’s programs of new deal style emerged as a potent threat to the American corporation’s interests. CIA agents had implemented a radio program named ‘Voice of Liberation” to disseminate fake news illustrating an impending takeover by communists, civilian uprisings, rebel army for initiating unrest, distributing leaflets for revolt, and several other targets across the city of Guatemala. Thereby, the military and the general public supported actions against Arbenz, forcing him to resign and making avenues for the dictator selected by the USA named Castilo Armas. The incident indicates that the proliferation of American power accompanied by nuclear weapons, drone coups, and cyber-warfare positions reality. As the USA is consistently meddling abroad, other nations will be tempted to take action. Thus, it is necessary to invest power and actions judiciously to maintain peace (, 2022).

Reference, 2022, the forgotten interventions, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 12.3.2022]

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