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ARLH 208- Week 5: For the 15 years

Aug 11, 2023

Each week you will write a total of two to three pages. You must pick at least one article from the Weekly Reading folders and one film from the lecture to write about. You may also use two readings. Please make sure you include the title of the article and the film. You are also able to do extra credit worth up to 5 or ten points or extra films or articles or the extra credit from the syllabus. Attach your extra credit of at least a 1-2 page to the weekly submission for it to count. Please use the following format in either doc or pdf format:

Week 5- Read the article- For the 15 years  

Week 5: For the 15 years

The mission of 9/11 conducted by Al Qaeda has been a historical success. This operation slaughtered the lives of 3000 innocent people. It was a daring and barbaric act that went down into the pages of History. This incident had adverse impacts on the entire world. The US army invaded Iraq after 18 months. The Vice President was heading for an underground bunker when the Secretary defended that damages incurred by the Pentagon instigated them to take massive steps (Engelhardt, 2016, p.3). The Bush administration in the USA launched its prion weaponry guided by satellites. The air war had been continuing for 15 years as the American air war was spreading across Africa and the Middle East. The US had missiles or bombed several areas like Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many places. American soldiers were consistently fighting in the enemy skies

At the end of 2015, immense bombs and missiles were used over the USA such that stockpiles were depleted reportedly. Munitions were expanding faster than the ability to replenish them. Appropriate funding must be provided to assure that the US military is fully equipped for this long fight. This situation further extended into 2016 when the bombing ran over Iraq and Syria. There has been a simultaneous rise in fear considering the inadequacy of munitions for the ongoing wars since the precision machinery was quite expensive. In 2016, the release of machinery on a monthly basis remained at a minimum pace with 2015. The figures indicated are 13400 for the US and another 4000 for the remaining air coalition conducted throughout July. As per the data from Pentagon, the USA has performed about 11339 strikes in Syria and Iraq since the year 2014. These operations cost 8.4 billion dollars to taxpayers in the USA. The air war of America in Africa and the Middle East is integrated into the veins of the national capital. This paper has explicitly illustrated the war waging and the plight of soldiers and governments in the war, instigating the need for peace.


Engelhardt, T.  (2016). For the 15 years, since 9/11 the US has waged an endless campaign of violence in the Middle East. No one knows how many American bombs have gone off on the Middle Eastern soil, 1-14.

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