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ARLH 208- Week 10: The Beleaguered

Aug 11, 2023

Each week you will write a total of two to three pages. You must pick at least one article from the Weekly Reading folders and one film from the lecture to write about. You may also use two readings. Please make sure you include the title of the article and the film. You are also able to do extra credit worth up to 5 or ten points or extra films or articles or the extra credit from the syllabus. Attach your extra credit of at least a 1-2 page to the weekly submission for it to count. Please use the following format in either doc or pdf format:

Week 10- The Beleaguered

Week 10: The Beleaguered

The 10th number literature has stated some crucial attributes of the administration that had been designed and incorporated by Donald Trump. The story that has been depicted within this article’s literature has been published in the New York Times Magazine. The story begins with the portrayal of two windows and how easy it is to look on the other side of the window. The property manager of personnel named Warren had been issued a letter from the name of the property manager. Warren had been raising three children without any form of aid from external entities.

The article has conveyed a case to the leaders and numerous cases such as this one had been filed over the span of the last five years. The article has stated some significant aspects of Kushner’s empire and just like Donald Trump’s reign, this empire also demonstrated a high degree of freedom from corruption ( 2021). A venture of real estate during the stated empire of Kushner has been portrayed within this article and Joseph Kushner, a Holocaust survivor from Belarus has built a small form of the construction organization. This organization had been managing 4,000 low-rise units, which are concentrated in Newark’s suburban areas. Charles has been looking over the company after he was given the authority and the charge to do so.

Charles had been expanding this organization’s operational quotients to boost the industrial and commercial quotients. However, the source for this company, which is the apartment complexes in North Jersey, remained as the main source of income and operations for this organization. It has also been conveyed via this article that in the mid-2000s, the organization had begun to sell out more than 25,00 of the multifamily rental units that it had owned. The sales figures in 2007 had been $1.9 billion, which has been accumulated by selling 17,000 units.

The article has also stated that a Kushner-led investment group of entities had bought 5,500 multifamily units in the region of Baltimore in August 2012 with a sum of $371 million. Freddie Mac, who is a government-backed lender of mortgages, had aided the investment group in taking the conveyed action. Various other actions and investment-related activities have been highlighted within this piece of reading. 

Reference (2021), The Beleaguered, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on 12th March, 2022]

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