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ANTH 471- Week 8 Discussion

Sep 4, 2023


What do you think of the conflict the Alardes procession generates? Identify one argument that you most agree with and one you most disagree with, and explain why. Could you see similar conflicts in the United States at festivals? Do you know of any similar cultural gender tensions in the United States or elsewhere?

Week 8 Discussion        

In the case of the Basque country, the feminists have agreed to deal with an overall objective related to the Women’s Movement based on post-Franco Spain. Moreover, it plays like a milestone related to the Basque feminists with a movement that can be locally institutionalized under the Women’s Movement. The Leioa Congresses, the Basauriwomen’s hearing 1979-84, and none other than the breakthrough the women related to the Alardes procession. Moreover, the breakthrough limit of the Women is based on the Alardes Procession. Thus, this event is based on the subject reading for a particular week. Apart from this, it is likely to be the cultural tradition that was maintained since the period by 1638 with certain Basque towns, to focus on the military unit.

The process is considered to bring conflict within the society because mostly, the people are associated with the women which was only done by the women. Thus, this was a controversial topic because here the women were only allowed to march with the military unit, which was not accepted in the main society, which was a model-oriented society. Therefore, the case of Cantinera, who was elected from the village based on their great beauty, relates to the village which is based on the village as it is likely to be formed under great beauty based on the muse which leads to the military unit.

Thus, by the year 1992, there was a group of women who broke out the row while claiming their participation which was not for the cantineras to march forward the soldiers. Moreover, this was a contradiction based on the men with the traditionalists who incorporated women. Therefore, this procession gave rise to the conflicts that were generated because of the women’s participation within the public cultural ritual that often reflects Ortner’s thesis with a close association based on the nature of women, along with men’s culture.   

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