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ANTH 352- Week 1 Discussion: “Doing Anthropology”

Aug 27, 2023

Before beginning, please thoroughly read through the prompt for this discussion and every discussion in the weeks that follow. Pay special attention to the requirements including referencing and citing the reading material, word count, etc.

Exercise 1: The “Doing Anthropology” video clip showed anthropologists conducting research in some unexpected social settings. For this week’s discussion, please Modules share your thoughts on the video. What surprised you? Why do you think the discipline has such versatility? What are some of the concepts in the video that you KD Discussions could make connections with from the readings for this week?

Week 1 Discussion: “Doing Anthropology”      

Anthropology refers to the study of the development of human culture and society as well as the biological perspective of human development. it is a subject that has a wide array of applications and can be integrated along with other subjects at any point of study. Human culture and societies undergo a dynamic development (uh. ed, 2012). Therefore, anthropology deals with the study of scientific evaluation of such culture and society while integrating it with the biological perspective of the hominids.

The video “ Doing Anthropology” described the importance of fieldwork in the study of anthropology. The most surprising fact was that the principles of anthropology were used to study the social life of the immigrants by one researcher as the second researcher applied the principles of the subject to find out the feelings of the workers at the artisan cheese making while the third researcher applied the principles of the subject to study the claim of the environmental degradation of the ocean. this shows that the subject is quite versatile and can be integrated into any subject in the process of fieldwork (, 2022).

Anthropology is a versatile subject as it provides the scope to study every aspect of human life. The study of anthropology helps us to understand every aspect of our past, present, and future. Therefore, this is the subject that connects all the other subjects around the globe and tries to solve the questions defining the very essence of humanity. In this video, we could see how the principles of Anthropology was applied during the fieldwork researcherswere by the frogmarches from three entirely different perspectives (, 2022). In the first, the researcher tried to understand the effect of globalization on the ideas of citizenship. For this, the researchers conducted a study in the social service center in Manchester to study the condition of the immigrants to Haiti and the importance of obtaining citizenship to provide them with basic human rights in America. The second researcher worked on an entirely different perspective to understand the ideas of the workers associated with the Artisan cheese making and what she found was that cheese making was a quite timed and laborious job. When she took part in the process of artisan cheese making she came to know that it is essential to do things on your own to be able to ask better questions which defines another aspect of studying Anthropology. However, the third research was trying to find out the effect of globalization on the oceanic environment (, 2022).

Some perspectives in the video co be connected with the reading material. The research study on the immigrants of the individuals from Haiti gave us an idea about what they feel about getting citizenship within America. Citizenship guarantees education, fundamental rights, and laws related to security. This also provides an insight into the effect of globalization on the ideas of citizenship. Moreover, the effect of globalization on the language can also be somewhat connected to the fieldwork associated with these making in which the meaning of the word “Artisan” seemed to vary among the individuals involved in the process. Further, the research study that was conducted under the ocean provides insight into the effect of the degrading environment on the life underneath the sea.

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