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ACCT 6301- Week 5 Discussion: Preparation for Final Exam

Aug 31, 2023

Discussion 5

Please submit 3 important ideas that people need to learn to prepare for the Final Exam. Again, there should not be repetitive subjects posted and please do not post after taking the exam.

Week 5 Discussion: Preparation for Final Exam

Preparation for the exam starts on the 1st day of the course. Everyone should attend all the classes and listen attentively to all the lectures to be prepared for the final exam. Exam preparations can not be done in one day. One should start preparation before the final exam. Students can perform well in class but when it comes to giving exams proper preparation is very much needed.

Students must prepare a plan when they start the preparation for the exam. They also should strictly follow the plan to score good marks in the final exam.

Study in a group                                                            

In a class, there are different types of students some of them are good at studies some are not that good. But if students create a group and study together they can help each other. It also helps good students to revise the course. In a group study, there must be at least 3 members in the group. In a group study, they can start their study with a mind-refreshing game. That helps to focus. In a study group, all of them are students so no one should hesitate to ask some things.

Study smarter, not harder

Students should plan their studies smartly so that they can get maximum scores on the final exam with minimum effort. Determine the hard chapters and allot maximum time for those and minimum time for easy chapters. There should be a minimum time for revision before the exam.

Interact with others for improvement

In classes, students should interact with teachers and ask questions to them. Also, every student should help their classmates in their studies. This involvement indicates their interest in the study. Which helps them to stay connected with the study from day one. interaction also helps to know who is performing better and from whom I can ask my quires. 

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