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ACCT 6301- Discussion 3: Company Analysis #1

Aug 28, 2023

Discussion 3

Please post the winners (your recommendation) of Company Analysis #1 and then submit 3 manufacturing companies that you want to research for your Company Analysis #2. Please review the previous posts before making your selections because it will be first-post-first-served. Provide a reason for your interest in these companies and know that it would be best to select publicly traded companies so that information is easily found.

Discussion 3: Company Analysis #1  

The winner out of the companies of my company analysis#1 should be McDonald’s Corporation according to my recommendation. The reason behind this is simply because of the popularity of the company in the food sector and its high market value, consumer recognition, and brand loyalty. There is no doubt that McDonald’s can be found all around the globe with its mushrooming restaurant chain and quality food offerings.

The three manufacturing companies which I have chosen for my Company Analysis #2 are as follows:

  1. Nestle SA
  2. Mondelez international Inc.
  3. Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

All the three manufacturing companies belong to the food industry and I am interested in analyzing and finding out more about all three. Nestle is a brand we are well aware of. People from almost every country have come across the brand at least once in their lives due to the vast variety of food items it offers from milk chocolates to noodles. It is an international brand and Nestle SA is particularly the branch operating in the USA. I like the milk chocolates of Nestle.

The second company that I selected is Mondelez Internationalthat Inc. is again a multinational American company which offers snack foods, confectionery, beverages, etc. It is known for its milk products and Cadbury dairy milk is one of the most popular brands of chocolate offered by Mondelez.

The third company that I selected offers chicken products internationally and is one of the largest chicken producers in America. It is quite well known to offer every kind of chicken whether raw or chicken snacks.

All three companies belong to the food sector and it would be intriguing to analyze and compare the financial performances of the three companies. It also piques my interest since all three companies provide products that are loved worldwide and some of them are my favorites too.

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