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ACCT 220- Week 8 Report

Aug 12, 2023


1. Review the Weekly Activities for Week 4.
2. Write a brief report with at least two paragraphs.
3. Submit this as a Word document.

The report should address:

What areas did I have difficulty with and what areas did I find easy to
understand? Was I successful in my time management or did | run out of time to complete
my work to a high-quality level? Are there any changes | should make in my approach to the class in future weeks?

Week 8 Report

This week, I understand the concept of cash, receivables, current liabilities, and payroll in finance. I got a thorough knowledge of the topic. It helped me in completing the homework. I solve the accounting problems related to the topic. I faced little difficulty while solving a few sums but It was an interesting task and it enhanced my math and calculation skills. I have gone through the tutorial that makes sure to understand all aspects of the topic. I was able to all the questions asked in the homework and exam on my own.

I believe I manage my time efficiently to complete the task with high quality. I tried to complete most of the tasks before the due dates. Still, some questions took a little more time to get high-quality output. To be successful in my time management so that I can complete my work to a high-quality level, I went through all the study materials well, and always check the to-do list. I always start the task immediately after the topic is complete.

I don’t think so. I really like the way makes us understand the concept, I found each topic interesting t. I really enjoy the concepts and am always excited to learn a new concept from you.

I am very thankful for your guidance. I appreciate your caring disposition and teaching approach.

I got a clear idea about the concept. The discussion helped me in clearing my about and brushing up my skill. I learned how to prepare efficiently a cashbook of a company’s balance sheet, The items that affect the cash book like cash and cash equivalent, and how to prepare a bank reconciliation and petty cashbook. In the chapter receivables, I got a clear picture of different types of receivables, different methods to determine the receivables, bad debt, and credit sales. The chapter on current liability, and payroll part gives a deep knowledge of the concept of their calculations.

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