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ACCT 220- Week 8 Discussion: Discussion on Accounting, Math, and Excel

Aug 10, 2023

Topic Threads WKS: Discussion on Accounting, Math, and Excel,


1. The end of the semester is a good time to think about your math, accounting, and Excel skills.

2. Excel is widely considered a basic skill requirement for accounting and finance jobs.

Discussion Requirements: Take a moment to think about, and then comment on each of the following questions:

1. What has been your experience in this class using Excel to solve math problems?

2. At this point, how comfortable are you using Excel for business purposes?When do you still use your calculator?

3. What do you think would help you improve your Excel skills, if you need to?

4. Please comment on using Excel in IFSM 201 and/or IFSM 300 if you

Week 8 Discussion: Discussion on Accounting, Math, and Excel

I have been using Excel to solve many accounting problems during this course. I feel comfortable using Excel. Solving accounting problems at the time of completing the assignments, I got to learn many new things about Excel and was also able to brush up on the basic Excel knowledge that learned in high school. Without Excel, it would have taken more time to complete the assignments. It helps in calculating a large number of data. Along with the math and accounting formulas, I got to learn many shortcut forms of Excel. It was quite easy and fun while solving the accounting problems in Excel.

I have been using Excel during this course to solve math and accounting problems. Now I have a piece of good knowledge of Excel. I’m able to analyze data and solve large-number problems using various math sums and accounting formulas. Even I can create charts, and tables using Excel. It can be used to enter different formulas like add, divide, multiply, and subtract one to large numbers. We can also use the Auto sum feature to quickly calculate the total of a large number of series without entering the data manually in a calculator. Very often I used a calculator to solve the problem during the course.

Now I am quite familiar with Excel still there are many things that I want to learn in Excel, I want to learn more shortcut functions, Managing Worksheets, Formatting Cells, Charts, and Sorting Data. Thinking of using YouTube I could enhance my knowledge and skills in excel. The course I have enrolled in is IFSM 300(Information Systems in Organizations), it helps me to learn about IT and how it helps an organization to make strategies and how to implement these strategies in an organization. This helps in achieving the strategic goals of an organization. IFSM 300(Information Systems in Organizations) gives exposure to the corporate world.

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