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Students who normally excel occasionally under-perform for no apparent reason. They cannot be blamed for their underperformance either. Students who are victims of circumstances which turn them into under-performers are unable to pull themselves out of the rut that they are stuck in. They aren’t quite sure what ought to be done for self-improvement. When a student is in a similar situation first and foremost what needs to be done is analyze the reasons behind underperformance followed by the strategy for dealing with the problem. The aim of this article is to show avenues of self-improvement so that students can achieve the grades they are capable of achieving.

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  1. A positive mental attitude does it:

    When grades on homework are lower than what was expected or estimated the natural reaction is one of disappointment. If a student continually receives low grades on assignments contrary to what the student expects, it’s only natural that depression would set in leading to accepting defeat and ultimately quitting. As a first step towards the improvement of grades on assignment is to get rid of all the negative vibes and replace them with positive vibes. The outlook ought to be positive with a positive mental attitude to even have half chance to improve. Acknowledging that the grades of a student aren’t even close to what students may be targeting nonetheless the belief that something can be done about it should put things into perspective. A good starting point is to deal with the situation head-on and not entertain thoughts of failure or loser. Instead instinctively one should think that one can do better than what they have done in the past. The key is not quitting and taking positive steps to attain the goal and objective of improving grades in college that the students can achieve.

  2. Figure out where and how you are failing to meet expectations:

    If a student does well on theory but struggles with the practical application, it needs to be found out what are the areas that need to be targeted before implementing a plan of action. Hence the very next step is to identify and tag the areas where under-performance is apparent, and the reason behind the underperformance. The grades could either be low on all subjects for a protracted period much to the dislike of students. A student could be struggling with a specific area as well which could potentially be harmful to overall results in any subject. If grades during the last few months are looked into, then a trend would emerge. If achievements in academics have declined in general and grades have been unexpectedly low in specific areas repeatedly then there are solutions for it. When the grades are given in writing with graphs, then there is far more clarity and transparency.

  • While pondering about the reasons behind not being able to perform at the maximum academic potential aspects to consider are external influences that could affect grades negatively; a family problem or concern over how to get along with peers at school for example. Certain academic skills could turn out to be a struggle for a student which could be the reason behind a student being dragged down; essay writing or note taking for example. Once all the probable causes of academic underperformance are analyzed in isolation, the problem is easier to tackle. If there are external issues, steps need to be taken to ensure that studies are not adversely affected. At this juncture, an academic counselor could be consulted for assignment help for example.
  1. Consult teachers:


    Teachers know their students the best. Therefore it would be worthwhile consulting them while implementing a plan of action for improvement of grades of students one of which could be assignment help. Teachers should be asked to identify areas of improvement and more often than not they would be able to advise and suggest.

  2. Being more attentive in class and asking questions is the solution:

    When it’s a struggle to understand assignment help is needed. While a class is in session, it is neither the place nor the time to daydream. Rather than speak with friends or letting the mind wander, listening to the teacher would be the right thing to do. Copying everything that’s on the board mechanically simply isn’t done. Understanding what is being said by the instructor is far more important than copying. Notes ought to be neat and clean so that understanding while referring to them would be easier. Clarification ought to be sought uninhibited. If something needs to be clarified or explained then a teacher is ideal. The other option obviously is to go through heaps of books to try and find an explanation with clarity.

  3. Get organized:

    A cluttered home, office or study area signifies that somebody isn’t organized. It’s a deterrent to operate with efficiency. Thus, to achieve academic excellence getting organized is crucial. The workspace should be kept neat and clean with all notes and textbooks arranged in a manner so that the whereabouts of items is known. Time management is vital for prioritizing time effectively. Time can be freed up for best online assignment help on subjects that aren’t as easy. Writing a daily timetable with school schedule, splitting the day into time slots and still being able to find time to study is a reflection of good time management skills. Extra time allocation to subjects or topics that are relatively harder to understand is essential as one of the causes of low grades could very well be that sufficient time hasn’t been dedicated to these subjects or topics.

  4. Sharpen note-taking skills:

    Notes should be legible and well-organized. Academic underperformance is directly related to poor note-taking. Scribbled notes from college when taken in a hurry could be difficult to understand later on while revising from the notes or even writing essays based on notes. If notes are misunderstood then grasp of the topic or subject matter would be weak. It’s necessary and appropriate to have good notes from every class that a student attends and from the textbooks used. Notes should be legible, useful and should be organized logically. Handwritten notes written in class, for example, aren’t preferred as much as typed notes are.

  5. Enhance essay-writing skills:


    Academic underperformance is usually due to poor essay-writing skills of students. The skills of students in writing essays don’t suffice to obtain excellent grades. This can be fixed though without much of a hassle by a marked improvement in the technique of writing essays. If the technique is good it would encompass all facets of essay-writing, from research to final proofreading, and even the response to feedback for essays written. Constructive criticism as a critique often should be considered as much-needed guidance for self-improvement purposes.

  6. Finding the learning style that works Is the key:

    Yet another reason for academic underperformance is a learning style that doesn’t yield results. There isn’t one single learning style that works for everyone. One has to be able to adapt to learning styles that are suitable. Everybody has their unique learning styles; in other words, certain ways of learning that produce the best results. What kind of learning style would be most effective would depend on an individual’s habits. Working alone could lead to monotony after a while. Hence group study can be extremely effective for everyone concerned. One may feel far more motivated when studying in a group.

  7. Memory improvement:

    Many students have a hard time remembering vital information for exams. Consequently, their grades even after best online assignment help fall. With what may appear to be an endless list of subjects and topics to learn about memorizing facts and figures is a humongous task. Hence a few effective memory aids stimulate memory and it’s easier to remember.

  8. Don’t procrastinate:

    Watching a movie and trying to get work done simultaneously seldom is possible. One invariably ends up watching a movie and forsaking work. When work is forsaken that leads to procrastination as the mind is cluttered with so many other things. One invites distraction in the form of TV and/or social media for temporary relief from a load of work. When one is swamped with work often times they tend to respond by procrastinating. This is a typical response to a huge load; particularly when there is a lot to do and one doesn’t know where to begin which Is really an excuse or pretext to be tempted and remain idle.

  9. Revise, revise and revise:

    If the timed test and mock test scores are lower than what was anticipated, the reason behind such low scores could be that the time taken to revise just isn’t enough. Since mock tests aren’t really tests, therefore, students tend not to revise sufficiently. The truth is mock tests replicate real tests and therefore should be taken seriously. They are the leaders highlighting the areas where more time needs to be spent studying the purpose being to achieve good grades which would boost confidence. Therefore the mock tests are as crucial as the real tests are and there should not be laxity in the approach with regard to revising.

  10. Have fun learning:

    Occasionally underperformance is caused by lack of motivation to learn. It’s no wonder that students underperform as exam pressure and moreover striving for good grades at school is a deterrent to enjoying learning. If focusing on attaining good grades is a top priority then one could easily forget that there is fun in learning. Anything anyone enjoys doing can be done well. Conversely, If studying is considered a chore then there is no fun in learning.

  11. Private tutor to the rescue:

    A private tutor could be hired or a virtual tutor who would provide live homework help for assignments so that grades could be improved for a seemingly difficult subject. Some online help for doing an assignment is all that is needed to enhance grades. There are benefits of a one-on-one interaction with a homework helper in an environment that is friendly enabling and facilitating uninhibited interaction between the tutor and the student.

  12. Go to a summer school:

    A summer school is a viable alternative as the much needed academic impetus can be had through a summer school. Summer school is fun too so learning in a fun environment in the summer months is great as students would not feel the pressures of a classroom and the anxiety of exams. Students would be energized thereby finding learning to be fun again and therefore loving it. Summer school would inspire students to have the dogged determination to pursue studies after being recharged completely. In addition to the usual benefits of a summer school, after spending time at a summer school students would be better able to handle tricky subjects and topics. Hence summer school is the solution to enhance performance on subjects that students are underperformers.

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