Electricity is the fuel of development for any country, almost all the machinery whether from a small kitchen utensil to a massive machine and our express trains all run on the electricity. From the production of electricity to its transmission, a role of the electrical engineer is fantastic, and words might not be enough to appreciate their brilliance. If we look carefully, the work of an electrical engineer is hazardous, at the same time it depends upon speed, thus, a good electrical engineer must have speed with accuracy, there are so many calculations, errors, approximations in this field that a very careful and attentive approach is a must requirement. Looking at such a complexity, various tools are designed which help an electrical engineer to do his job in a convenient way and with greater accuracy. There are Hundreds of such tools available and are they have their utility depending upon the type of situation, but there are some tools that are very common and versatile, and hence they should find an important place in the tool box of an electrical engineer.
Thus, we have made a list of five such tools that everyone in the electrical engineering industry must be using:

  • Calculator edge:

As we all know that electrical is a branch with lot of calculations, and it would be really tedious and risky to do them manually, hence to solve this difficulty, we have a software calculator edge, it offers free online calculators of all basic types which  involve almost all the calculative terms used for electrical purposes,

for example, RMS value, OHMs law, voltage drop, resistance-frequency capacitance and many more, hence, it is a paramount and versatile tool that everyone in electrical engineering industry must be used to. Along with the importance of tools needed in the electrical industry, students must know ‘ Why do metals conduct electricity’. It will make your subject knowledge stronger from a basic level.

  • E3 Series:

Electrical engineering is often involved with complicated wiring and to reduce its complexity we have taken E3 series which is software helpful in case of fluid engineering, control systems and installation, this software has guided electrical engineers to design some of the mind-blowing electrical circuits in a reasonable amount of time. Another updated version of electrical CAD software is nowadays becoming very popular among electrical engineers and is readily available by the name of E3 3d routing bridge, E3 enterprise, E3 wireworks. Some of the features that are making it so popular nowadays are through the use of it the design and documentation of wire harness and cable assembly can be easily done, panel layouts and design and documentation of control systems can be easily figured out. Along with multi-view project file and a library of various electrical aware parts these software has got the design, rule checks facility that is attracting electrical engineers all over the globe towards it. A free test drive of these E3 series is easily available and after the test drive, one can easily buy the type of software that best suits his necessities.

  • Parts:

Parts is the ultimate helping tool for the electrical engineers who are searching for an alternative solution to spice simulation, Ac/dc/transient sim, and waveform viewer. Parts is circuit simulator that is free and easily run on the web browser. This technology has made to look circuit simulation very simple and fun to do work. This software not only saves time but is very accurate and also freely available, so it is gaining popularity in electrical industry at a good pace. It is a complete SPICE simulation engine and a schematic capture tool that is web based. The property of waveform viewing in a graphical manner is also a boon for the electrical engineers; even one can browse thousand of examples on the website without registering for parts. If you want to assign digit-key part numbers to your models, then this software has an integrated bill of materials manager that satisfies your purpose.

  • Electroroid:

It is a multi-tool for the electrical engineers with a combo pack of calculators, conversion tables, pinout and resources. It is an incredible tool that makes the work of an electrical engineer very simple and enjoying. It is readily available for free and in PRO version. Its attractive features include the lookup resistor colour by value; along with it also has SD card pinout so data can be easily transferred to other devices. It is endowed with fuses, automotive fuses, colour codes also it has rRaspberryPi GPIO pinout adding an especially attractive feature to this software attracting electrical engineers. Coming to the economic analysis if this software is downloaded from Google play app the it is free, and if it is accessed through pro-Google play app, it cost about 2.79 dollars if you are a windows phone user it will cost about 2.99 dollars.

  • EE Engineer`s Handbook:

This is an app by the engineer, for the mechanic, i.e. this app has been designed by engineers for the use of other mechanics and hence it is quite popular among the electrical engineers. On a regular basis, it is updated by dude productions and is a type of app in which you can send your feedback and ideas that will result in the betterment of this app. It is a complete package which covers Bode plots, filter design, impedance calculations, track width, AWG gauge table, and design of low pass, high pass, band pass or band cut filters. It costs about $2.

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