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Don’t you just love it when you are provided with proper facts about an issue instead of the source just beating around the bush? People who are straightforward are the most loved ones. Expository essays become easy with write my essay for me due to its updated database filled with information of current affairs. An expository essay is very similar to an honest person. It just states the facts and is not concerned with giving any opinion or taking a side. It is just as the name implies: it exposes facts.


An expository essay as the name suggests itself is a written work that aims to investigate and describe a topic for the readers. It backs up the argument with graphs, statistics, examples, etc. to provide support to the subject chosen. It seeks to prove the thesis through evidence. While writing an expository essay, think of the preparation needed for debate. You prepare to defend your position and disprove your opposition. Remembering this might help you to construct the piece efficiently.


Like all other types of essays, expository essays also have a clear framework based on which it needs to be written and constructed.

  • It consists of an introductory paragraph including a thesis statement.
  • Next are the main body paragraphs which seek to prove your thesis statement.
  • Finally, the conclusion summarizes all your points, de-briefs the reader and wraps up the essay.
  • The length of an expository essay varies accordingly.
  • Remember that while writing an expository essay, do not state your personal opinions.

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Following the structure of any essay is recommended since it helps in constructing the essay efficiently. Also, it provides a graphic representation of the essay’s model. Keep the following structure in mind while writing your essay:

  • Analyze your readers- Understanding the niche of your readers is very important if you want your essay to be highlighted. Consider their expectations and needs and then start your essay based on that. Follow the guidelines and include every point as expected by your instructor.
  • Choose the topic- Pick a topic that is well- balanced and which you are interested in. You will find a zeal for writing it. Also, select a subject that is accurate enough but also provides a broad base for doing your research. Trending topics are always the popular choice for such essays as are topics that are close to your heart.
  • Collect facts on your topic- After forming your thesis statement now, it’s time to analyze it and gather facts which may be able to support it. Online assignment provides the write ups required for expository essays with relevant information from recommended books. Research should not only include facts to support the statement, but the facts should also come from credible and reliable sources. The facts should be relevant and up to date.
  • Create the outline- As mentioned earlier creating an outline will help you in properly constructing the essay. Your outline should align to your points, research, and arguments. The 5 paragraph outline is the standard format followed by expository essays. The order of the paragraphs is Introduction, Body Paragraph1, Body Paragraph2, Body Paragraph3, and Conclusion.
  • Construct an engaging introduction- As mentioned earlier, for an expository essay, do not write an opinionated piece. Cite relevant articles, historical events, a study or discovery which will keep it interesting and also provide a broad base for your research.
  • Form a compact and eloquent body- Each argument should have at least one paragraph dedicated to it along with all the statistics and facts that support it. However, including a counter-argument can earn you brownie points. It will make your argument stronger when you defend it against the counter-argument. It will also show your readers that you have thought over the essay from different angles and point of views.
  • Compile an assertive conclusion- Do not repeat your earlier points in your conclusion. Instead, summarize them and try using different words. Also, it is your duty to convince your readers of your argument in conclusion. Hence try to be as convincing as possible in the end so that it leaves an impact on the reader’s minds.
  • Edit and check facts- Rechecking is of course required after completion of your essay. Edit the facts which you think should change while rechecking your essay.



Expository essays have the characteristics mentioned below:

  • Narrow thesis in the introduction.
  • Examples, facts, and shreds of evidence in each paragraph to support the argument.
  • Information provided in a non-biased manner showing both sides of the argument.
  • Use of third person rather than first person.
  • Stay focused on the topic.
  • Stick to the five paragraph structure.
  • Determine the causes and effects of the concerned subject.


If you are having trouble constructing your essay, have a look at the four ways mentioned below which can help you in developing an expository essay.

  • Topic- Organize information about your subject in a logical and systemized format starting with the least valuable information to the most important one.
  • Time order- Organize your information chronologically according to time periods as well, from the earliest to the most recent times or vice-versa.
  • Space order- Refers to the spatial organization of information like from the nearest place to the farthest one.
  • Informative process- Refers to a “how-to” or a demonstration essay type. It includes step by step processes arranged in their natural order.


Expository essays are of several types as mentioned below:-

  • Descriptive essay- As the name suggests itself, descriptive essays are such which deal with descriptions on a particular topic. They are unique in their approach since the writer has a great amount of freedom while forming the content.
  • Process essay- This type of articles describe a particular process and is the quintessential
  • “how to” guide essays.
  • Comparison essay- This type of essays help you compare two subjects and then critically analyze and describe their similarities and differences.
  • Cause and effect essay- These essays talk about why or how the things happened as well as what happens as a result.
  • Problem/ Solution essay- These essays deal with providing solutions for problems. The essay includes a brief introduction to the problem and introduces the solutions as well which takes up the major part of the essay.


  • Descriptive essay examples:
  • Describe your depressing phase in life.
  • Describe how you managed to handle a very tricky situation you found yourself into.
  • Describe a famous personality.
  • Describe the most courageous moment of your life.
  • Description of your favorite vacation.
  • Process essay examples:
  • A step by step tutorial of solving a social problem.
  • Describe a process by which you can stop domestic violence.
  • A step by step guide to learning a new language.
  • Describe the process of building a custom computer.
  • A step by step guide to writing a blog.
  • Comparison essay examples:
  • Compare and contrast the technology titans Apple and Microsoft.
  • Compare and contrast living standards in two different areas of your choice.
  • Compare and contrast traditional families with nuclear families.
  • Compare and contrast Trump and Hilary’s political magnetism.
  • Compare and contrast Plato and Socrates.
  • Cause and effect essay examples:
  • Describe the causes and effects of procrastination.
  • Causes and effects of lack of communication on friendship.
  • How did the crash in the stock market cause the Great Depression in the 1930s?
  • How can a good coach inspire the players and lead to a winning attitude in the team?
  • The causes and effects of the Civil War.
  • Problem/ Solution essay examples:
  • How can we eliminate racism from our society?
  • How can bullying by every social media be prevented?
  • How to deal with illegal immigration?
  • What are the ways by which we can improve literacy?
  • How can we prevent human trafficking?

Expository essays may sound easy, but it is a herculean task to make the audience agree with your point of view of the argument. The basic trick lies in following the exact pattern which you usually follow for the type of expository essay that you are writing. For example, if it’s a descriptive, expository essay then follow the structure and outline of writing a descriptive essay. Expository essays, their various types and their long list of guidelines are easy with customized college essay writing service.

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