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You might ask, “How to create a table in excel?” You’re not alone; many are familiar with Excel but unsure how to utilize this feature. MS Excel is a key tool for enhancing essential skills, boosting efficiency, and productivity. It’s also invaluable for accurate data record-keeping.

Moreover, the Excel pivot table has grown ingrained in most businesses throughout the world. Business organizations utilize MS Excel for several functions. And, Some businesses use Excel to create notes, track sales trends, and keep track of other company data.

Don’t worry. This blog will be will your ultimate guide on pivot tables in Excel default style. So, follow the content list here and go through the whole blog. Also, click here to know more about Excel Assignment Help.

  • Excel Table definition.
  • What is there in an excel table?
  • Why should you use an Excel table?
  • How should you create a table in Excel?
  • Which way to follow to customize the Excel table data?
  • What shortcuts to use for the Excel tables?

So, here is the answer.

Excel Table definition – Pivot Table

Excel Table definition

In Excel, a table is a helpful tool for grouping data. You can consider a table a collection of rows and columns in a spreadsheet. On the same page, you can have many tables. Here, a create table dialog box assists users in calculating, organizing, and visualizing quantitative data and providing information to managers and senior management.

Also, pivot Table tools make it easier to deal with data in Microsoft Excel, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t utilize them. And, you will find several table style options group on the Excel page. Don’t worry, you will learn about it as well. Before focusing on the tables group, let’s know the part of the table in excel.

What is there in an excel table?

Excel tables get made up of blank rows and blank column, and they all have a few things in common.  If you are willing to understand more about Educational VR, follow here. Moreover, The table is a rectangular range of cells with unique column headings. On the Design tab and in the insert tab, you’ll see the table name box. So, the three main components of any table data range are— header row, the data in the table, and the total row.

Table Headers row——

It shows the names of the columns. Although the header row is not required, most tables will include one.

The data in a table——

It contains all of the rows in the table range. Only the data get picked when you utilize the name box to choose a table.

The total row—-

It is the table’s last row, and it gets used to store summary calculations. It gets often termed as calculated columns.

Besides this, you will find the home tab, table design tab, cell range, different table styles, etc. Let’s say that for better understanding, table excels should get followed with one blank row and one blank column between a table and other data. Moreover, you can remove blank rows with just a click. Also, You will know more about it in the section on creating a table in excel.

Why should you use table in excel?

Why should you use an Excel table?
Because Excel identifies each column as an independent field, there are several advantages to utilizing Excel with different table styles. So, the following are some of the factors why you should use Tables in your Excel workbooks:

You want a set of data that is consistent and uniform.

Over time, your information will get updated (additional rows, columns over time). Yes, you will find several options in the drop-down list.

You’re looking for a quick and easy solution to format your work professionally.

You can automatically get totals by default table style.

You can make dynamic charts.

Forms can get added to make entering new data easier.

Following knowing why you should also use an excel table, now comes the crucial part— how to create it. So let’s go and find out in the below passage. Sometimes, experts’ assignment help is crucial and in such cases, follow here to know more

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At first, let’s learn the styles of the type and then will know more about it with examples.

MLA (Modern Language Association).
APA (American Psychological Association).

So, after you have learned about the types of citing a poem, let’s discover the types in detail. Here comes first the MLA handbook format.

How should you create a table in Excel?

Let’s say that creating a table in excel is not that hard if you know the process. What is it? Don’t worry; you will know it here now.

Within the data set, click any single cell. Excel will assume your data range based on your selection when creating the table.
How should you create a table in Excel?

Now, select the ‘Insert Tab’ in the Tables group and click ‘Table.’

My table has headers

A create dialogue box will appear in this step. You have to tick the box— ‘My table has headers.’
Then click OK.

Excel table

Finally, the table will form. You now have an Excel table, and depending on the default style of your tables, your data should appear like this.Meanwhile, if you want to know how to cheat on a proctored exam, read the article here.

Excel table

Now, your excel table is showing in the default format. So, if you are willing to rename it, you have to go through the following step.

Step to follow to rename the Table in Excel—-

  • Go to any cell in the table to activate the Table Tools.
  • On the Design tab, go to the Properties group.
  • In the Table name box, type the new table name.
  • Finally, press the Enter key.

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How should you create a table in Excel?
How should you create a table in Excel?
Now, see your table excel has got renamed.

Steps to follow to add data with total row to extend table in Excel—-

  • Select the cell in your table where you wish to add a row.
  • Go to the Layout tab (this is the tab next to the Table Design tab).
  • Copy the data that you want to add by pressing Ctrl+C).
  • Now, press Ctrl+V to paste the copied data.

Way to convert an excel table to data range—-

You could want the table look without the table functionality once you create a table in excel. You may convert a table to a standard range of data on the worksheet to cease working with the data cell in a table without losing any table-style styling you’ve done. So, follow the step here—

  1. Select a place in the table by clicking anywhere on it.
  2. On the Ribbon, go to Table Tools > Design.
  3. Click Convert to Range in the Tools category.


  1. Give a right click of your mouse in the table.
  2. A shortcut menu will appear.
  3. Click the table and then convert to the range.

After knowing the mentioned details, you might want to customize the table. So, how to do it? Here is the guidance.

Which way to follow to customize the Excel table data?

On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click format as Table command.

A drop-down menu or single column will appear with a list of pre-defined table designs.

Choose a specific style. To use color and design to your table, click one of the colored boxes in the “Table Styles” area of the Design toolbar.

The range of cells you’ve chosen for your table will be confirmed in a dialogue box.

Make sure the option ‘My table contains headers’ is checked.

To accept these changes, click OK.

Why should you use an Excel table?
Why should you use an Excel table?

If you want to filter table data—-

Let’s be clear first if you want to filter your table data, both the “Headers box” and the “Filter” boxes in the “Table Style Options” section of the Design tab must be ticked. Now, follow the step—-

  • Open the filter menu and select the column whose data you wish to filter by clicking— drop-down sign to the right of the header.
  • A drop-down menu will pop up on the screen.
  • Choose a filter from one of the following options in the drop-down menu.
  • In the final step, click OK.

Once you complete the step, now you can see your table data get filtered with the style you chose.

What shortcuts to use for the Excel tables?

If you frequently use Excel Tables, you should know a few shortcuts to simplify your life. These shortcuts work on both the mouse and the keyboard and are compatible with Windows. In such cases, here are some of the shortcuts you may use:—-

For the selection of columns— 

 Ctrl + Space is the keyboard shortcut for choosing a column and rows in Excel tables.

To select a row—

Shift + Space is the keyboard shortcut for selecting a row.

Select the entire table—  

You can use Ctrl + A to select all of the data in the table.

To move Columns—- 

Select the header cell in the column you wish to move it. Then move your cursor over the cell’s edge until it turns into crosshairs. Then, while maintaining the cursor in the header row, drag it to where you want it to go. As you drag the mouse between columns, a vertical green bar shows where the column will finish up when you release it.

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Insert a row—-

Select any cell in the table. Keep in mind that the added row will appear above that cell. After that, press Ctrl + +. You may need to press Ctrl + Shift + + if using a laptop.


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Delete a row—

The process is similar to the insert row method. First, pick it in the row you wish to delete to remove a cell, then press Ctrl + -.

Delete a row
Rename a table—

Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + J T A to rename a table. Following this, the Table Name box in the ribbon will appear, allowing you to make changes to the name.


The data table feature in Excel simplifies tasks significantly, and this blog aims to guide those looking to create their own Excel tables. With practice, you’ll find it straightforward to manage tasks like applying existing or new formatting, customizing table styles, and adding data. This isn’t rocket science; you’ll soon learn useful features like clear formatting options, removing rows from the last column or first row, and utilizing the subtotal function in total cells. This article provides the guidance you need, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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