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Corporate Strategy is the track an industry takes with the objective of delivering business success in the continued term. Modern approaches have concentrated on the need for businesses to accommodate to and forecast changes in the market environment, i.e. a resilient strategy. The growth of a corporate strategy includes establishing the mission and scope of the organization’s exercises and the quality of the business it is in, considering the environment in which it functions, its point in the marketplace, and the struggle it faces into evidence. Most times interpreted within a Swot Investigation. A corporate strategy involves a precisely defined, long-term thought that companies set, endeavoring to create organizational excellence and motivate the workforce to achieve the proper actions to accomplish consumer satisfaction. Also, corporate or business strategy is a constant process that demands an ongoing effort to involve investors in entrusting the company with their capital, thereby enhancing the company’s equity. Enterprises that achieve to deliver customer value unfailingly are those that return their corporate policy periodically to develop areas that may not perform the aimed results.

Corporate strategies may concern to different features of a firm, yet the procedures that most corporations use are cost product differentiation and leadership. Cost leadership is a strategy that companies achieve by presenting their goods and services as low as customers are willing to pay, whereby being contentious and realizing a capacity of sales that allows them to be the officers in the business. Illustrative cases of cost leaders are Wal-Mart in the retail industry, McDonald’s in the restaurant enterprise, and Ikea, the movables retailer that offers low-priced, yet good quality home equipment by authorization its products in developing markets, thereby producing a high-profit border.

Product differentiation refers to the application of organizations to offer an unprecedented value proposal to consumers. Typically, businesses that operate to distinguish their products from the opposition are gaining a competitive advantage, through obtaining higher profits. Often, opponents employ cost leadership to compete with these companies directly. Customer satisfaction and customer support are the main factors that finally start or develop a strategy.Other instances of corporate strategies comprise the parallel combination, the vertical synthesis, and the global product strategy, i.e. when multinational corporations sell a homogenous commodity around the earth.

Corporate strategies or policies are perpetually growth-oriented, endeavoring to preserve a company’s current customer base while inviting new consumers.


Strategic Planning is the process of defining the procedures and steps taken by any organizations like making decisions, defining the perfect strategies for allocating the resources of the organization which includes both people and capital. Different business methods can be utilized in corporate strategy planning comprising of BCG Matrix, PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces of Law. Now let us see and know about the business methods applied in corporate strategic planning. They are as follows:-

  • BCG Matrix
  • Every business entity small or big knows that to survive in the corporate world, it has to have the services and products ready which will help and bring in money for the future and can identify that which products are a normal drain on resources without the potential comeback. The BCG Matrix was mainly designed as a tool required for the determination of the products which can help in earning the perfect profit for the forthcoming years. BCG Matrix help in deciding what to invest and when to invest.


  • BCG Matrix


  • PESTEL Analysis
  • PESTEL Analysis is a framework utilized for analyzing and monitoring the external market environment determinants which might have a major impact on some organizations. This type of outcome or result is mainly used in identifying the weaknesses and threats which are used in SWOT Analysis. Normally PESTEL stands for the following things written below:-


  • P – POLITICAL                                                            Pestel Analysis
  • S – SOCIAL
  • L – LEGAL



  • SWOT Analysis
  • It is the process which helps in identifying the Corporation’s Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT is a basic analytical structural form which helps in assessing a business entity in what it can and cannot perform. It is used for the evaluation of environmental data which is required within the company. A SWOT analysis helps in ascertaining that what assists in a company so that it can accomplish its works and objectives so as to overcome any sorts of obstacles in achieving the desired results. Let us know about the elements of SWOT Analysis. They are as follows:-


  • (S) as in Strengths – Strengths help in describing the points according to which an organization excels, and this thing separates the organization from its competitors. And things such as loyal client base, unique technologies, strong brand, strong balance sheet, and others.
  • (W) as in Weaknesses – Weaknesses put a halt to the operations of an organization so as to stop functioning at an optimum level. There are some areas where the business requires to be improved to remain in the position of competition. Things which needs to be improved are as follows high levels of debt, inadequate supply chain, average turnovers, and others.


  • (O) as in Opportunities – Here opportunities are described as the most favorable and external determinants where the organization can utilize for a competitive advantage.


  • (T) as in Threats – Here threats are being described as those determinants which have the potentiality to harm any organizations with or without any cause. Causes are like droughts, rising costs of inputs, increased competition, uncertain accidents and others.


  • Porter’s Five Forces Of Law
  • This forces of law or model were named after Mr. Michael E. Porter, who helped in analyzing and identifying the competitive five distinctive forces which can assist in shaping up the industry and determine its strengths and weaknesses appropriately. Below are the brief descriptions of the Five Forces Of Porter’s Law. They are as follows:-


  • Power Of Consumers – This law mainly handles about the capabilities of the consumers who have the potential to drive prices down. It mainly affects those companies who have more than one consumers and how important those consumers are for the company and what will happen if those consumers leave one company and its products hence move to another company’s services. The trick here in this law is that the smaller the consumer base, the more power the company holds.


  • The Threat of Substitutes – The second law states about the competitor substitutions which can be utilized in the place of an organization’s services or products which pose a profound threat to the organization.


  • The power of Vendors – The third law states about the vendors who can drive up the cost of the services and goods. It is mainly influenced by the number of vendors who provide the most important aspects of the service or a commodity, and this helps in identifying the aspects that how much unique they are and how much it will cost the organization so as to switch from one vendor to another. If there are fewer amounts of vendors then there the power of the vendor increases as the company have to depend upon it.


  • Potentiality of new companies in the industrial sector – An organization’s wealth and power also get influenced when there is an entry of a new company in the market. When the company enters with a lesser money value and time span it can become a more efficient competitor within the market this strategy weakens the other enterprises and organizations who were already present in that market.


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The corporate level strategy includes the essential scope of the company as a whole. For most businesses, the corporate strategic plan is the only important program expected. Frequently strategy at the corporate level is simply related to as a business strategy or in associated corporations plan of activities. The method that provides it is estimated as corporate, diplomatic planning, or seldom simply corporate planning. In a few positions, though, it may be supported to speak of corporate level strategy to differentiate it from other classes of planning.


In the first case, the company may be multidivisional in creation to the extent that in source or even in law, separate components of the enterprise could serve as viable actualities in their right.

These ‘organization structures’ may initiate strategic preparation as a group activity where supporting the corporate level strategy, every separate auxiliary or country has its strategic planning method and strategic plan. In particular cases, nevertheless, one of the most significant information to each country, strategic planning is the yield of the corporate strategic planning. These outputs from the enterprise level plan are usually in the order of production targets for the countries. The auxiliary units cannot overlook them.

The corporate marketing strategy may also set down a little number of additional factors that the countries, or strategic partnership units as they may seldom call. These might involve administration on market definition, containing geographic scope. Like the subsidiaries of a multinational group may be defined by the nation in which they work. In this example, the enterprise business strategy would set profits objective for each country bank. The corporate strategy would produce to the nation banks as to the policies they pursue in creating these benefits. The national level banks would have their company unit level strategy.

In the second case, the corporate level maneuvering is used to differentiate it from the various other planning and plans processes that get the phrase as ‘strategic’ in their signatures. The term strategy has taken a kind of character that appears to make several people desire to use it, despite being how strategic the topic at hand is about the overall representation of an association. Accordingly, we can end up with strategic plans for each level, part and the practical manner in the industrial sector.


Strategic planning is a systematic, formally reported process for determining the handful of critical judgments that an organization, viewed as a corporate body, must get right to increase over the next several years. Nonetheless, because of this widespread usage in a variety of circumstances, we also practice the description ‘corporate strategy,’ or ‘corporate level strategy’ and seldom mention as the ‘corporate strategic planning’ to make it explicit we are not talking regarding all these other unfinished or ‘non-corporate’ profiles.

As the successful implementation of the enterprise level strategy relies on collaboration and association across the industry as a whole, it is beneficial to differentiate the multiple levels of strategy.

Here are the following benefits regarding strategic planning, they are as follows:-

  • Decision Making
  • Better Control
  • Risk Management
  • Clarifying the main Objectives of planning


There are many such topics in Corporate Strategy Assignments which helps law students to get prepared before they appear for their examinations as well as make their assignments or homework. Following are the names and short descriptions about the topics presented below:-

    1. TEAM BUILDING – When individuals with relevant interest, opinion, and taste come together to work for a common purpose, a team is formed. Every individual participates equally and completes his/her level best to meet the team objectives and accomplish the organization’s goal. Team members endeavor hard to live up to the expectations of others and perform the specified task. A team cannot do fine unless each, and every member is focused and earnest about their abilities. For every team member, the team which is working hard should become first, and everything else follows. Personal concerns must take a backseat. Every individual must feel motivated to achieve their level best. Never force things on anyone. Instead, the individuals must take the lead on their own. They should come ahead and accept the request.


    1. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT – This type of management is mainly the combination of science and art of making decisions regarding investment mix and policy, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk against the administration. Portfolio management is all about ascertaining strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats in the selection of debt vs. equity, growth vs. safety, domestic vs. international, and other trade-offs confronted in the effort of maximizing the return at a negotiated appetite for risk.


    1. BRAND MANAGEMENT – It is a type of function, of marketing which uses the techniques to improve the observed value of a product line or brand over the period. Powerful brand management allows the cost of commodities to go up and builds loyal consumers through positive brand connections and images or a high awareness of the brand. Forming a strategic plan to manage brand equity or increase brand value entails a complete understanding of the brand, the purpose of the market, and the company’s overall concept.


    1. WIN-WIN NEGOTIATION – Active negotiations help us to determine circumstances where what we want conflicts with someone else needs. The exact purpose of win-win negotiation is to obtain a solution that is satisfactory to both parties and gives both sides believing that they’ve won, in some way, later the event. There are different methods of negotiation, depending on various situations.


    1. STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT – In today’s extremely competing environment, cost management has become a crucial survival skill for several firms. But it is not sufficient to just decrease costs. Instead, costs must be handled strategically. Strategic cost management is the purpose of cost control methods so that they concurrently improve the strategic situation of a firm and diminish costs. Strategic cost management can be implemented in service and production settings and not-for-profit circumstances.


  1. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE – This type of governance is the way of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is managed and controlled. Corporate governance necessarily requires balancing of the interests of a company’s many stakeholders. Like shareholders, management, financiers, customers, government, suppliers, and the community. Since corporate governance also presents the structure for achieving a company’s intentions, it encompasses substantially every sphere of administration, from action plans and internal controls to production measurement and corporate enlightenment.



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