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Essays have always remained a major part of our English class since time immemorial, and the most difficult part is that there are many types of essays. Each type has to be attempted with a theme, style, and way of writing unique to it. And this requires a clear understanding of the different forms of essays. You can take online essay writing help from assignments4u if you still get confused to construct a synthesis essay even after reading this blog. In this guide, I am going to deal with the construction of a synthesis essay.


A type of piece that takes a particular viewpoint about a specific theme, idea or subject and provides substantial support to it through different shreds of shreds of evidence is known as a synthesis essay. It is essentially a foster child of the argumentative essay. There is, however, one fundamental difference between both i.e. for constructing a synthesis essay you will be provided with sources beforehand which should be used to substantiate your argument. Creating a synthesis essay is interesting but be careful not to summarize the given sources only. You should instead strive to achieve a particular stance and then back it up with pieces of evidence from the sources provided earlier.


Writing a synthesis essay requires some level of patience and shrewdness to establish your point of view. The points mentioned should be kept in mind while constructing a synthesis essay:-

• They are primarily different from argumentative essays as stated earlier.
• The sources given are important for your essay. You need to analyze and identify the relationship between them.
• Do not only summarize your sources. It takes immense patience to shape up the given sources into the desired result. Merely summarizing them is not going to help in any way.
• Many of the sources can support both the sides of the argument. You need to read and analyze your sources carefully before writing anything and forming any perspective.
• If any information provided by the sources goes against your viewpoint, do not ignore it. Instead, try acknowledging it and then proving how your argument is stronger than the opposing view. It may earn brownie points for your essay.

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The following points will help you accurately draft your essay.

Synthesize your sources- Before you start writing your essay, look for your sources. Read, analyze and look for information among your sources. Start forming connections between your sources. Synthesizing may include the following steps:

Understand the prompt– This means think about your selected topic then follow the sources to substantiate your argument.
Draft a tentative thesis statement- It does not necessarily have to be the final declaration for your essay. You can jumpstart your piece by forming a tentative thesis statement. It will give you an idea and the required boost to develop your article.
Choose your sources- Choosing of the right sources to support your viewpoint is extremely essential. Select at least 6-7 sources that might help you in your essay.
Read closely– After you have chosen your sources, it is time to read them closely now. Highlighting the most important points, taking notes and analyzing and linking them to your ideas should be the next step.
Evaluate the sources– Sort them out properly to be used in your essay.

Decide your position and take a stand- Choose a side and stick to it. Whether you believe in your position or not doesn’t matter. All that matters is the way you support it with solid pieces of evidence. Do not waver from your argument if you want your thesis statement to be strong enough.

Compose a thesis statement- Once you have taken a stand, then it is time to write the thesis statement. Using ideas from your sources, you can either construct a new thesis statement or work on the previous tentative one to establish your argument.

Draft an outline of the arguments and evidence– to organize and support your argument, you need to develop an outline of all the ideas you thought of using. An efficient way of doing this would be to write the thesis statement at the top, then listing your sub-arguments and under that listing their support respectively.

Use the sources wisely- Creating a pool of sources is not the ideal way to get the job done. Instead, try analyzing them not summarizing them. Also, do not invest too many paragraphs in your sources. Construct your paragraphs around your arguments instead and try building them up correctly.

Format your essay- After you are done with the above steps, it is now time to provide a concrete structure to your essay. Format it with the different parts of introduction, body, and conclusion in the manner mentioned below:-

Introduction- It consists of the overview of the topic, thesis, and sources with a little bit of background information.
Body- It consists of the thesis statement and information from different sources with citations. It presents a two-sided interpretation of the sources and explains to the reader why the particular source is arguing a thesis.
Conclusion- It shows a connection between the ideas from the sources and the thesis statement and describes how each approach supports your viewpoint in the text. The conclusion also mentions your claim once again thereby justifying your perspective in the whole essay.

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Start writing- Well the hard part is finally over, and now all you need to do is start writing the article. Fill in the information and use proper rhetoric to make it sound amazing and convincing. Explain your ideas and keep your thesis statement in mind while writing so that you don’t get lost from the central idea while constructing the essay. ‘Talking with the text’ is a method which you can use in your essay. It requires you to describe the process of formatting the essay step by step while writing.


A great topic for synthesis essay is the one which has a debatable edge to it. There should be a lot of gray areas to explore the subject. Choosing a topic that does nothing other than stating a fact with ample of pieces of evidence is certainly a wrong topic for this kind of an essay.  Items on general knowledge are no good as well. To provide you with some ideas and to remove your confusion below are some topic ideas mentioned for writing a synthesis essay:-

  • Should young children be given the taste of technology instead letting them grow in the lap of nature?
  • Is homeschooling more efficient than public schools?
  • Is death penalty effective in deterring war?
  • Do video games promote violence?
  • Are school uniforms active in improving discipline?
  • How much are we affected by the universal system of patriarchy?
  • How is social media having an impact on college students?
  • Does racism have an impact on immigrants?
  • Are the steps taken by countries against global warming effective in curbing its effects?
  • Your take on the policy of expansionism in China.
  • Are smartphones making people more isolated?
  • The gun manufacturers are responsible for the mass shooting.
  • The media should be accountable for providing the actual image of a politician so that the voters can choose wisely.
  • Sports stars should be careful in choosing the products for endorsement purposes.
  • A fancy college degree cannot guarantee riches in the future.
  • Is Digital Marketing the future of the e-generation?
  • Have the issues related to gender biasedness and stereotyping improved?
  • Should gay marriages be legalized?
  • Should companies market to children?
  • Should men receive paternity leave from work?

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