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Amongst every form of essays, compare, and contrast is the most unusual type. It explores not one but two distinct issues dealing with their similarities, differences and an in-depth analysis of both the topics. Just like all other types of essays, compare and contrast also needs to be provided with substantial pieces of shreds of evidence to provide strong support to the arguments and analysis presented. Besides that, the writer also needs to plan the way he would like to construct the essay. The purpose of choosing compare and contrast essays is manifold.

  • Evaluation- Determine the items that are best and identify their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Argumentation- Arguing is necessary as it leads to the evaluation of different viewpoints and their relevancy is understood.
  • Clarification- Arguing leads to clarifying and clearing of the points, highlighting their connection while analyzing objectively.


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Selecting the subject is an essential step, and the quality of your essay depends a whole lot on the theme you choose. Hence to choose the theme of your piece, you should keep in mind the following areas:-

  • Events, historical personalities which are interesting to you.
  • Subjects which you find exciting
  • Subjects on which you have an in-depth knowledge.
  • Topics that have the ability to inspire and interest you should be selected.
  • Subjects which have substantial information online.


  • Newspapers- it is an inexhaustive source of current affairs which can be important topics for your essay. Newspapers can also be used to support your analysis. You can always quote from the newspapers.
  • News channels- the virtual partner of newspapers are obviously the news channels. These are a constant source of contemporary issues and are perfect for those who are not inclined to reading. Sitting in front of the TV for at least half an hour can give you an idea about your topic.
  • Magazines and journals- they are a perfect source for those who do not want to choose politics as their topic. There are other areas like sports, entertainment, technology, etc.
  • Internet- the ultimate source of topics is, of course, the internet. It has a vista of subjects from which you can choose your own.


Selecting the theme is a difficult task, one which requires a certain amount of perspective and smartness as well. Hence consider the following points while choosing your topic:-

  • Brainstorming for ideas helps a lot.
  • Read essays by other writers on the topic you have selected.
  • Research on some background information about your topic.
  • Choose those topics about which you are passionate.
  • Narrow down your selected list to items which have a moderate amount of scope.
  • Gather ideas from other instructors and writers.


If you are having difficulty in choosing the topic then below mentioned are some topic samples from different categories. Have a look:-


It is a comparatively easier zone to tread on while writing compare and contrast essays. To begin with, you can find ample of information on famous personalities from books, the internet, etc. Also, it is easier to compare two distinct personalities. For example:-

i. Mahatma Gandhi Vs Osama Bin Laden 

  • Compare-Both were influential leaders who successfully motivated thousands to act according to their vision. Both were killed by those who opposed them.
  • Contrast-However Gandhi was the torch bearer of nonviolence whereas Osama was the very fire which set loose the flame of terrorism upon the world. Gandhi fought for peace, freedom and civil rights whereas Osama fought for implementation of extremism and his religious propaganda.

ii. Edward Snowden vs. Julius Caesar

  • Compare- Both played a dominant role in the destruction of the institution where they functioned. Snowden worked in the 21st century the, USA and Julius Caesar performed in the Roman Republic.
  • Contrast- However Snowden fought for the rights of his people whereas Caesar went against the people to achieve the ultimate power.

iii. OJ Simpson vs. Tom Robinson

  • Compare- Both were black men who were accused of violence against white women and were convicted. Their conviction led to a debate of the hypocrisy of justice, the argument being that men were the victims of racial injustice.
  • Contrast- The points of distinction are that while OJ Simpson was a real-life former NFL player, Tom Robinson was a fictional character from the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

iv. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Oprah Winfrey

  • Compare- Both are American primetime TV personalities having their talk show. They both have been an inspiration in their respective fields and have been extremely successful in their careers.
  • Contrast- However their styles in hosting the talk shows are different. While DeGeneres is more sarcastic and employs witty humor to relay her messages, Winfrey, on the other hand, is more serious and relies on inspiration and insights.

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    Subjects on religion require a considerable amount of thought. Religion is a sensitive issue and dealing with it in a compare and contrast essay requires some level of diplomacy and shrewdness.

i. Catholicism vs. Protestantism

  • Compare- Protestants were a part of the Catholic Church, and hence their beliefs are very much similar to that of the Catholics. They both believe Jesus to be the Savior and the Messiah who rose from the dead and saved humanity.
  • Contrast- Catholics believe in Holy Water, Purgatory, etc. They also have nuns, priests, and Pope. Protestants do not believe any of the traits mentioned above.

ii. Theravada vs. Mahayana Buddhism

  • Compare- Both these religions follow the teachings of Buddha and his Dharma. Both reject the notions of theistic religions.
  • Contrast- However they do have some fundamental philosophical differences. Theravada Buddhists believe that Buddha died and left his teachings behind whereas Mahayana Buddhists believe that Buddha lives on through incarnations.

iii. Judaism vs. Christianity

  • Compare- They both are monotheistic religions, and they both follow the Old Testament.
  • Contrast- While Christianity believes Jesus to be the Messiah himself, Judaism believes Jesus to be a prophet but not God. Judaism also does not believe in the sacrifice of Jesus.


Comparing and contrasting two educational issues can be very overwhelming because of the vast spectrum of ideas. The trick is to narrow it down to an essential point where you can have limited and specific ideas to work on while leaving enough room to research and delve into those ideas.

i.Public vs. Private Universities

  • Compare- Both offer a range of academic courses for the students to choose from and both allow the scope of acquiring degrees.
  • Contrast- Private Universities are however more expensive.

ii.Online vs Traditional Classes 

  • Compare- Both online and traditional courses offer education under a particular degree course. Both these classes have instructors.
  • Contrast- While online classes provide more flexibility to the students unlike traditional classes, they also have some disadvantages. Online courses offer more scope for cheating during exams, in contrast to regular classes. Online classes can help in virtually interacting with the instructor whereas regular classes create an in-person interaction with the instructor.


The most exciting areas to work on for these types of essays are undoubtedly film and literature. If you are a student of literature, there is a hundred percent chance that you have been asked to compare and contrast two fictional works at some point in your life. Below are few examples you can work on:

i. Breaking Bad vs Lost

  • Compare- Both are hit TV series of the 21st century and have won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy.
  • Contrast- ‘Breaking Bad’ portrays the notion of the anti-hero in the character of Walter White an ex-professor of chemistry whose descent into the life of crime due to his helplessness over the changing circumstances is delicately portrayed. The character of Jack Shephard in the series ‘Lost’ explores the virtues of a typical classic hero.

ii.The Hunger Games vs. Divergent

  • Compare- Both the novels present a dystopian view of the world and the future. Both depict coming-of-age love stories, and both are centralized around powerful female protagonists.
  • Contrast- ‘The Hunger Games’ explores the themes of defiance against authority, violence, and corruption whereas ‘Divergent’ explores the idea of following your instinct despite all odds.

iii.Julius Caesar vs. Macbeth

  • Compare- Both are Shakespearean tragedies exploring the themes of regicide, power play, and manipulations.
  • Contrast- ‘Macbeth’ relies heavily on witchcraft, supernaturalism, and magic which weave through the plot of the play. ‘Julius Caesar’ on the other hand is more realistic focusing on the conspiracies, tragedies and the power plays which were a common feature of the Roman Empire.

iv. Beowulf vs. Wolverine

  • Compare- Both are heroes undertaking epic adventures and fighting against evil. Both experience transitions in the course of their adventures. Both have got wolfish names which highlight the ruthlessness and the bravery of their character.
  • Contrast- Beowulf was created in medieval literature whereas Wolverine is the child of the late 20th century. Beowulf is heaped with admirations upon his glories whereas Wolverine’s good deeds go unnoticed.


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The samples mentioned above will provide you an idea on how to write your essay. And here are some more examples of compare and contrast essay to help you with your assignment.

i.Essy Topics on History & Politics

  • 19th-century life vs. Modern life.
  • The Han Empire vs. The Roman Empire
  • Medicine in ancient China vs. Medicine in Ancient Greece
  • Autocracy vs. Dictatorship
  • Vietnam War vs. Korean War
  • Democracy vs. Dictatorship
  • Immigration vs. Emigration
  • Capitalism vs. Communism
  • Egyptian Mythology vs. Greek Mythology
  • Monopoly vs. Oligopoly
  • McCarthyism vs. Salem Witch Trials
  • Modern Liberalism vs. Classical Liberalism

ii. Essay Topics On Art

  • Salvador Dali vs. Pablo Picasso
  • Olympia vs. Grande Odalisque
  • Pablo Picasso vs. Vincent Van Go
  • Cubism vs. Abstract Art
  • Ancient Greek Art vs. Modern Art
  • Renaissance Art vs. Baroque Art

iii. Essay Topics on Culture & Society

  • The American concept of beauty vs. The Korean concept of beauty
  • Cohabitation vs. Marriage
  • American welfare system vs. the Scandinavian one.
  • Extended family vs. Nuclear family
  • Rugby vs. American Football

iv. Essay Topics on Technology

  • Apple vs. Microsoft
  • Google smartphones vs. Apple
  • Ford vs. Honda
  • Textbooks vs. Tablets
  • Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One
  • Formula One vs. Motor GP

v.Miscellaneous Essay Topics

  • Real Madrid vs. Barcelona
  • Trump vs. Clinton
  • Hobbes’ philosophies compared to Locke’s
  • Antebellum Era vs. Reconstruction Era.
  • Autobiography vs. Nonfiction works
  • Shale oil drilling vs. Conventional oil drilling
  • Plato vs. Socrates
  • Anorexia vs. Bulimia
  • Facebook vs. SnapChat
  • Karl Marx vs. Friedrich Hegel


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