Chemical Reactions Assignment

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Chemical reactions essentially is a process through which a single or several substances undergo conversion to create a single or multiple substances or products. The substances could be defined as one of the two, chemical elements or compounds. Owing to a chemical reaction the atoms that constitute the molecules are reorganized and various substances or products are created.
Chemical reactions pervade technology, culture, and life as well.

  • burning fuels
  • smelting iron
  • making glass and pottery
  • brewing beer and
  • making wine and cheese

are among numerous activities where chemical reactions are an integral part and have been in use since time immemorial. Chemical reactions are rife in earth’s geology, in the atmosphere and oceans, and in a gamut of complex processes occurring in anything that is living.
A chemical reaction is distinct from a physical alteration. Physical changes of a substance occur when there is a transformation in the condition. Ice melting to water and water evaporating to vapour are perfect examples of a physical change. A physical change causes the physical characteristics of a substance to change as well. However, the chemical characteristics remain unaltered.
Regardless of the physical condition of water, it’s the same compound, with two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. However, water in any other form; ice, liquid, or vapour reacting with sodium metal, the atoms would redistribute to create new substances with hydrogen and sodium hydroxide molecules. When this happens, it’s obvious that a chemical reaction has occurred.
As the molecules interact, reactions cause alteration in the form and structure of molecules. Atomic bonds are severed to recreate new molecules. That in a nutshell is what chemical reactions entail. In order to try and make sense of chemical reactions, there are certain facets or stages of chemical reactions that ought to be considered.
Chemical reactions cause a chemical alteration. The original characteristics of a molecule would later after a chemical reaction. Chemical bonds are created to be severed so that molecules can be newly created. Combinations of hydrogen and oxygen molecules for example synthesize and water is created. This chemical reaction in particular is known as the synthesis process.
Cooling of air in a refrigerator or air conditioner for example, isn’t caused by any reaction in the molecules of air. That is more of a physical change than anything else. Melting of ice cube is a physical change. Putting bleach in the washing machine to clean clothes is an example of a chemical change as the molecules in stain are broken up.
A reaction often could entail atoms, ions, compounds, or molecules of an element. A chemical reaction would occur between substances as long as there is a change in the chemical structure caused by the reaction. Pure hydrogen gas and pure oxygen gas in a room would react to create water. However, the quantity would be negligible.
Adding a spark to those gases would cause a virulent chemical reaction resulting in a massive exothermic explosion. As part of greater serial reactions, single reactions could occur as well. Plants making sugar could entail numerous chemical reactions to get past the Calvin cycle and ultimately create or synthesize glucose molecules.
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